5 Printing Needs to Consider Before Purchasing New Equipment

Are you in the market for a new printer, copier or scanner? If so, you’ll want to consider your printing needs before reaching out to your local office technology company. We spoke with our technology consultant, Andy Hay, to find out what questions you can expect to be asked.

How many pages do you print per day, week, or month?

We use this number to determine the best product for your planned output. Some models are much more efficient at higher levels of output while a smaller model may work just fine for minimal printing.

Are you currently purchasing ink and toner on your own, or is it included in an existing contract?

Purchasing ink and toner on your own can get quite expensive especially if you have a high volume of printing needs. Finding a contract that includes ink and toner replacement will be much more cost effective. In most cases the new equipment will also increase your efficiency and reduce waste of the ink and toner.

What sizes of paper do you print, and will this change in the future?

Your paper size needs dictate the printer you’ll want. Some companies only need 8 ½ x 11, but you may also need legal, 11 x17, etc… Be sure to think about all the formats you print so the correct type of printer is recommended.

Are you printing in black and white only or do you need color capabilities?

A cost-effective approach to purchasing new equipment is to only purchase what you need. A black and white printer is going to be cheaper, but if you need color or may need it in the future, go ahead and request a device that can do both.

What additional technology options do you need? (fax, scan, copy, fold, staple?)

Most printers come with several different
features, but if you need something closer to a multifunctional printer, let us
know. We have basic equipment and equipment that can do everything from fax to
folding and stapling.

At Braden, we aim to customize each lease to your business’ needs. With so many options, we can find the perfect fit at the best possible price. Give us a call today and we’ll get started on your unique quote!