7 Reasons to Support Local Businesses

7 Reasons to Support Local Businesses

It’s no secret that small businesses are struggling right now. Even those that remain open are facing limited operations or limited interest in their services. Now, more than ever, it’s important for businesses (not just individuals) to support other local businesses.

The pandemic won’t last forever and when it’s finally over, we hope that we all have a renewed sense of value in local business. But just in case you’re still wondering what all the “local” talk is about, let us remind you why it’s so important to support and hire local businesses:

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They’re Your Neighbors

Choosing to work with a local company means working with your neighbor, someone who lives, plays and works in the same spaces as you. We all do better and hold each other to higher standards when we are working together, when the success of the group is dependent on all of us, we strive to build stronger businesses and lasting relationships.

Local References

Trust and credibility are a top factor when choosing to hire out services or work with another business. Local businesses have local references, maybe even people you know. Most people would weigh a recommendation from someone they know as more impactful than an unknown online review.

Local Service

If you can physically knock on the door of the business, you will probably get better service. Many local companies’ doors are open to their clients and they are willing to go above and beyond to ensure you’re satisfied. Also, being a neighbor means businesses want to treat you well to maintain a positive reputation and continue their own growth.

Personalized Service

Local businesses often provide more personalized service. They don’t have one-package fits all deals. They have the resources, time and incentives to evaluate your individual needs and offer you a structure of service based on that review.

Money Stays in the Community

Many local businesses reinvest in their local communities in a variety of ways. One of those being charitable donations. Next time you’re looking for a service, see how those businesses reinvest their money. If that investment helps make your community a better place to live, then you should absolutely be supporting them.

Higher Local Employment Rates

Small businesses employ about 58.9 million people so when you support local businesses, you are supporting local employment. The Coronavirus pandemic is really shining a light on the importance of those small businesses to local, state, and national economies. The more local support you offer, the better your community will be able to weather economic crisis’.

Boosts your Local Economy

If you want to help boost your local economy or sustain a great one, you must invest locally. As previously mentioned, economic health is impacted by employment, charitable giving and the strength of its businesses. A local investment in another business is an investment in your own business.


We are all doing our best to get through this pandemic and economic uncertainty, but the values of small businesses have not changed and perhaps are shining brighter now than ever before. Take note of the companies who treat you and others right during this time and make sure you continue to support them moving forward.