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Migrating to the cloud helps your business become more flexible, scalable and secure. However, it can also be a hassle to do on your own. Braden offers cloud migration and computing in Fishers and beyond to help you take on the cloud without disruptions or headaches. 

With Braden and the cloud, you’ll benefit from full access to your business from anywhere and anytime while saving big and reducing your cyber risks.   

What Is Cloud Computing and Migration?  

Though cloud computing and migration are sometimes used interchangeably, they consist of different processes. Cloud computing involves the delivery of computing services over the internet. It can include servers, databases, analytics, software or complete systems, like VoIP phone systems 

Cloud migration is the process of actually moving all the data, applications and other essential business components over to the cloud itself. It’s a complex process, requiring business owners to consider compliance, security and performance.  

Braden is here to help your business migrate to the cloud without any hiccups on the road.    

Cloud Computing Fishers – What We Do – What We Do

Our cloud computing services are 100% tailored to your exact business needs. Whether you need help starting your cloud journey from scratch or are already invested and need support with your current software, like Office 365 support, we’re here to help.  

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          Why Choose Cloud Managed Service Solutions from Braden?

          Migrating to the cloud requires careful consideration of whom to partner with. So, why should you choose Braden? 

          • Cloud road mapping: We’re here from the beginning of your cloud journey. Our team will analyze your IT infrastructure and create a migration strategy plan tailored to your company’s needs.  
          • Diverse offerings: There is no blanket cloud solution – every business will benefit from a different cloud type. Our experts will advise you on whether to go public, private or hybrid. 
          • Pain-free migration: When the time comes to migrate, we’ll take the load off by doing the hard work ourselves. We’ll transfer all your critical data and information over and ensure everything is running smoothly. 
                  Industries We Work With

                  Since 1989, we’ve helped clients across a wide range of industries, from legal to finance to healthcare. No matter your background or overarching business initiatives, we are here to help you modernize your organization with the cloud.  

                  Communities We Serve:

                  Aside from Fishers, we offer cloud managed service solutions to cities, including: 

                  • Indianapolis  
                  • Meridian Hills 
                  • Lawrence 
                  • Warren Park 
                  • Beech Grove 
                  • Decatur Township 
                  • Clermont 
                  • Royalton 
                  • Zionsville 
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