Cybersecurity in Indianapolis  old

Cybersecurity in Indianapolis 


Looking for cybersecurity in Indianapolis? If so, Braden Business Systems is a trusted managed service provider (MSP) offering steadfast security services across the IT network. Since 1989, we’ve dedicated ourselves to safeguarding the digital assets of organizations across industries in Indianapolis. Our committed team of technicians is available 24/7 because the security of your sensitive data and IT infrastructure is our utmost priority.  

We delve deep into your IT network, pinpoint potential vulnerabilities and collaborate with you to devise a personalized, robust strategy tailored to your precise business requirements. With Braden as your MSP, you can be confident that your digital assets are in safe hands and a dedicated team of cybersecurity professionals stands ready to offer support day or night. 

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What Is Security Services Management? 

Security services management is a catch-all term relating to the cybersecurity of your digital assets across your whole IT network. Cybersecurity looks at all possible internal and external threats — such as unauthorized system access, cyberattacks, data corruption, email security, and back-up and disaster recovery — and seeks to protect you with proactive monitoring and reactive support. 

Without a professional cybersecurity strategy, your business is vulnerable to malware, spyware, viruses, human error and data breaches, all of which can have catastrophic consequences for your business’ reputation and even result in legal penalties and financial loss.

If you’re based in Indianapolis and don’t have a comprehensive cybersecurity plan in place, Braden Business Systems is on hand to help you.   

    Cybersecurity in Indianapolis – What We Do

    Security is one of our specialties at Braden. We have decades of experience in the field and extensive knowledge across all aspects of digital security, including email security, and data back-up and disaster recovery. Our cybersecurity solutions are just one part of a wider managed IT offering, which covers: 

    Braden Business Systems offers comprehensive IT consulting services along with copiers and printers. In Indianapolis, we are known for delivering a full spectrum of IT support and equipment solutions and are poised to support your business with cybersecurity and much more. Whatever your needs are, speak to us to find out how we can help.   

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            Touching at key privacy for identity to access
            Touching at key privacy for identity to access

            Why Choose Cybersecurity from Braden

            There are many providers of IT helpdesk support in the Indianapolis area, so why choose Braden Business Systems? Here are some of the things we can offer you: 

            Scalable IT support: If your IT requirements change, our services will flexibly adjust to meet the support level you demand.

            Fixed costs: Enjoy the simplicity of a straightforward monthly bill with no hidden costs, providing transparency and value.

            Proactive strategy: Effective cybersecurity demands being proactive, ensuring threats are detected before they can become a problem and cause disruption. We will work round the clock to address issues when they crop up and stop them from doing so in the first place. 

            On top of this, Braden Business Systems boasts a clientele exceeding 9,500. We manage over 45,000 devices, maintain an impressive 97% satisfaction rating and achieve a remarkable 98% customer retention rate.  

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                    Industries We Work With

                    From healthcare and finance to nonprofits, local government and everything in between, we have worked with businesses across a wide range of sectors. Whatever your industry is, we have the experience required to provide the cybersecurity services you need.  

                            Communities We Serve:

                            As well as delivering exceptional, dependable cybersecurity in Indianapolis, we also provide security services management in:  

                            • Fishers 
                            • Meridian Hills 
                            • Lawrence 
                            • Warren Park 
                            • Beech Grove 
                            • Decatur Township 
                            • Clermont 
                            • Royalton 
                            • Zionsville 
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                                    Find Out More

                                    Contact us to arrange a security assessment and see how we can help your business implement robust cybersecurity protections across the board.