Fully Managed IT in Indianapolis, IN 


At Braden Business Systems, we specialize in providing comprehensive managed IT in Indianapolis, tailored for businesses that don’t have an internal IT team and need end-to-end support across their IT network. We deliver customized and robust managed IT services through our team of experts who are available around the clock. 

We work closely with you to pinpoint areas where your IT infrastructure needs improving, and we manage everything from then on, including setting up new employees and solving day-to-day IT queries to keeping your network completely secure and recovering data in case of disaster. With the Braden team on your side, you can focus on your core business activities with confidence. 

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What Are Managed IT Services? 

Keeping your IT infrastructure running smoothly, especially with a remote workforce, is no mean feat. From setting up employee access authorizations to protecting against cyberattacks, there’s a lot to think about. IT infrastructure is broad. It requires specialized knowledge that IT novices or small IT teams don’t always have, potentially leaving you open to downtime and disruption. This is where managed IT services come in. 

Managed IT services entail a managed service provider (MSP), such as Braden Business Systems, assuming responsibility for your whole IT network. We take control of anything and everything tech related, acting as your in-house IT team.

In addition to fully managed IT, we also provide co-managed IT. This involves us assuming responsibility for a select portion of your IT infrastructure, such as helping you with a particular task or finishing a major project. 

Regardless of whether you need fully managed IT or co-managed IT services, we integrate with your team seamlessly and treat your business like our own. We provide 24/7/365 support as and when you need it, continuously striving to make your IT network secure, efficient and up-to-date.  

    Managed IT Services in Indianapolis – What We Do

    We provide comprehensive, end-to-end comprising:

    We also provide IT consulting services and copiers and printers. At Braden Business Systems, we offer a complete range of IT support and equipment solutions, which is why we’ve long been a trusted provider of managed IT in Indianapolis.

    Whether you need full-fledged IT support across the entirety of your network or specific, specialized assistance, our multifaceted team has the skills and expertise to help.  

            Businessman takes notes on manged services
            Business people use laptops to access information in online documents
            Business people use laptops to access information in online documents

            Why Choose Managed IT from Braden?  

            There are many providers of IT helpdesk support in the Indianapolis area, so why choose Braden Business Systems? Here are some of the things we can offer you: 

            Futureproof expertise: Our managed IT solutions are ideated and implemented by a team of specialist technicians who live and breathe IT and cybersecurity. With our team supporting your IT network, you never have to worry about outdated infrastructure. We continuously and meticulously strive to keep your business safe and secure, so you’re never vulnerable to threats. 

            Scalable IT support: We design our managed IT services to evolve in tandem with your business. Should your IT requirements shift, we can adjust resources to align with your needs. Additionally, our services can be effortlessly scaled, ensuring you can seamlessly accommodate growth without any hassle.

            Affordable: Our managed IT services offer a more economical alternative to the expenses associated with recruiting and onboarding an internal IT support team possessing equivalent expertise. You’ll get a simple monthly bill with no hidden expenses. You always know how much you’re spending.

            On top of this, we have more than 9,500 customers, 45,000+ managed devices, a 97% satisfaction rating and a 98% customer retention rate. You’re in more than capable hands with Braden.  

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                    Industries We Work With

                    We’ve been providing fully managed IT in Indianapolis since 1989, during which time we’ve worked with businesses across most sectors. From healthcare to accounting and beyond, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide tailored support that will see your business thrive.   

                            Communities We Serve:

                            As well as delivering exceptional, dependable cybersecurity in Indianapolis, we also provide security services management in:  

                            • Fishers 
                            • Meridian Hills 
                            • Lawrence 
                            • Warren Park 
                            • Beech Grove 
                            • Decatur Township 
                            • Clermont 
                            • Royalton 
                            • Zionsville 
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