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Business Continuity

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are two key components in protecting businesses in the event of unplanned catastrophes. Every company needs to have a solid Disaster Recovery Plan in place to protect mission-critical data. Disaster Recovery ensures that critical data is affordably backed up and a corresponding reimplementation plan is in place. DR is a large part of any Business Continuity Plan.

Businesses who rely heavily on data and complex processes in their daily work need to document a strategic plan that allows them to operate continuously with little to no service outages or downtime. This is referred to as Business Continuity planning. At best, such a plan ensures optimal uptime for your company. At worst, having a Business Continuity plan can make the difference between your company thriving or dissolving in the event of a disaster.

Business Continuity planning is more than backing up your files in case of an emergency. Business Continuity is process-focused, digging deeper than a Disaster Recovery plan to ensure workflows are continuously operating despite any external or unforeseen factors that would otherwise disrupt business processes.

Unlike the universal need for Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity works best for specific types of work environments. This dedicated planning is designed to help organizations that rely heavily on transactional, detailed processes. Business Continuity measures may require several server and storage redundancies that provide the support needed to maximize uptime and assure workflow process continuity. This next-level planning even takes alternate personnel and locations into account to ensure your business operations run smoothly 365 days a year.

Braden Business Systems is committed to helping Indiana-based companies maintain excellence by providing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning. After extensive consultation and in-depth analysis of your business, we will develop an appropriate Disaster Recovery and/or Business Continuity Plan that includes necessary the infrastructure and services to keep your business operating at peak efficiency. We even have our own data center in downtown Indianapolis where we host environments and back up our clients’ data to facilitate our efforts.

If you don’t have a Disaster Recovery plan in place that backs up your company data, you should. Braden Business Systems can help you accomplish that easily and affordably. However, if your business is process-driven with workflows that require large amounts of data, Business Continuity planning may be the best solution for your company. Braden’s comprehensive consulting and implementation of a Business Continuity plan replicates your entire infrastructure to maximize the time that your company is up-and-running smoothly.

Off-site Digital Backup

Relying on backing up your data on-site doesn’t effectively protect your entire business. Braden ensures file redundancies are kept off-site, backing up your data on our highly-secure servers. Having off-site backups ensures that in the event of a complete loss of your physical space, your files will remain accessible.


Despite moving toward a paperless office, we understand that some industries rely on hardcopies to do their jobs. That’s why Braden provides document management software solutions that will back up your paper files as part of our disaster recovery and business continuity services.

Quick Restoration

One of the main components of Braden’s disaster recovery and business continuity strategy is getting your team back to work fast. Whether one employee’s computer crashes or your entire office is destroyed, we provide a virtual office for your users while our team restores your desktops and servers.

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