The Case for Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services, also known as IT Managed Services and Managed Network Services, refers to a company outsourcing the routine, proactive management and monitoring of their information technology (IT) infrastructure to a Managed Services Provider (MSP). According to CompTIA’s 5th Annual Trends in Managed Services report, the market for managed services is projected to grow to $193 billion by 2019. CompTIA credits a significant part of this growth to more small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) recognizing the value of Managed IT Services and its strong ROI, ultimately incorporating these services into their businesses. However, some companies remain hesitant when it comes to making the leap to Managed IT Services. So, we’ve put together the following list of points for you to consider.

Access to Unbeatable Expertise
Regardless of your business’s industry, your IT infrastructure must be managed. SMBs may have a designated IT professional on staff, but one person cannot specialize in all of the tech-based facets of your organization’s infrastructure. Partnering with a Managed IT Services partner, however, guarantees access to a wealth of expertise—from everyday problem solving to the most complex issue, you’re covered. With a Managed IT Services partner comes a legion of well-informed experts ready to tackle even your most complicated IT issues.

Use of Superior Infrastructure
Your IT infrastructure is complex, including everything from servers to software and bandwidth to back-up drives. Working with a Managed IT Services provider ensures your business has access to an extensive, top-of-the-line IT infrastructure that is equipped to handle your IT needs, grow with your business, and adapt as technology changes. Your partner’s systems will be resilient and have redundancies in place, protecting the security of your business data.

Financial Benefits
Managed IT Services is specifically designed to reduce IT costs for businesses. When you manage IT internally, equipment, software, and other costs quickly add up. These costs also can be erratic, diverting critical cash or tying up credit unexpectedly. Working with a Managed IT Services partner means a predictable monthly invoice. Additionally, you don’t have to pay for each element of your IT infrastructure. Instead, the cost is distributed among your partner’s various clients, rather than your business covering all expenditures. Your IT partnership also ensures you can optimize your existing IT resources, leveraging your in-house IT employee(s) for critical, value-adding projects. Employee productivity also increases when you outsource your IT infrastructure, as your partner will ensure your team’s tools are properly secured and working at peak performance.

Outsourcing the management and maintenance of your IT infrastructure ensures you will have less downtime, faster processing, more features, and better tools than you could manage independently. Still not sold on Managed IT Services? If you are an Indiana business that wants to learn more about how we can take over your IT infrastructure to help your business thrive, contact Braden Business Systems today.