Cheers to 25 Years! – Melissa C.

This week’s Fishers Friday Employee Spotlight features Melissa C., who just recently hit her 25th Year Anniversary with Braden Business Systems! As we grow, expand, and evolve towards the future, it’s important to celebrate the founding leaders who have helped us forge the path to success and will continue the charge with our team full speed ahead.

Name: Melissa C.

Title: Senior Account Manager

Number of years with Braden: 25 years

  • How will the new building help you continue to be successful in your position?

The vibrancy and growth of downtown Fishers, is a perfect fit for Braden and reflects who we are as a growing technology company.  I am looking forward to the spacious floor plan and well-designed work space that will help me and our team work more efficiently.  As well, our new state-of-the-art showroom will be equipped to highlight our products and software for client visits and demonstrations of our solutions.   The new building is a significant symbol of our past accomplishments and the investment in our future.  For our existing and new clients they can be reassured that we will guarantee stability and the resources to provide excellent service.

  • What advice would you have for prospective candidates interested in Braden?

In my tenure of 25 years with Braden, I have had success through hard work and dedication and as a locally owned company we have grown our business with our core products and services.  Today, we offer new employees an excellent opportunity to be part of a growing market in an ever-changing technology space.  Now with the offering of Managed Network Services we provide added value to our clients and opportunity to expand and grow our market share.

  • What has been one of your favorite memories working at Braden over the years?  

I have so many great memories with Braden.  The most favorite of all is watching our company grow from its infancy stages from ground up to becoming a full service local office equipment and IT service company.  When I started my career at Braden we only sold thermal fax machines and I would set up and deliver several every day myself.  At that time we only  had 6 employees and we have since grown to almost 100 and have become a multi-million dollar business.  My memories are shared with so many of my co-workers and clients that I have had the privilege of working with over the years and so grateful for the long-term friendships.

  • What is one thing about your role that most people don’t know?

My role as a Senior Account Manager is customer oriented and on a daily basis I am analyzing our client’s needs and offering all-inclusive solutions to improve workflow, product functionality and reliability with benefits of cost efficiency.  My days are never the same and there is a lot of logistics and coordinating involved to ensure smooth implementations.

  • Fun Fact about you:

My husband and I are celebrating our 16 year anniversary and we have 2 beautiful daughters and a chocolate lab.  I enjoy traveling, dinners with friends, going to concerts, biking and yoga.

Congratulations and thank you Melissa! Let’s keep going and growing for the next 25 years to come!