How to Clean and Disinfect Copiers and Printers

How to Clean and Disinfect Copiers and Printers

Do you know how many people a day touch the copiers and printers in your office? Yikes, maybe don’t think too hard about that. Instead, focus on how to disinfect the copiers and printers in your office to keep your employees safe and healthy.

In order to help you, help your employees feel more comfortable, we have created a short guide here to show you how to effectively and efficiently clean your copiers and printers.

Cleaning Procedure

To reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus as well as other viruses, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends cleaning, followed by disinfecting of shared devices in a work environment. Implementing regular cleaning of copiers and printers will help to keep your work environment safe and your employees healthy.

  • The CDC advises the use of an alcohol solution that consists of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water when cleaning. Do not use any mixtures stronger than this for regular cleaning.
  • You may choose to wear latex gloves for cleaning if you wish.
  • Before you begin cleaning the equipment, turn off the machine and unplug the device. Do not clean while it is powered on and plugged in.
  • Wipe external surfaces only using a microfiber cleaning cloth or disinfectant towels. You may use pre-manufactured wipes as well. Avoid regular paper towels.
  • Apply any liquids to the cleaning cloth first, do not apply directly to the device.
  • Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners containing ammonia, peroxide or bleach.
  • Pay close attention to frequent touch areas such as smart panels, lids, trays and keyboards.
  • After disinfecting, copier/scanner glass should be cleaned again using an office glass cleaner.
  • Ensure surfaces have completely air-dried before plugging back in and powering on the device.
  • And as always, remember to wash your own hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap when you’re done.

Download the full guide to review and print here.

Other Steps to Reduce Foot Traffic to Copiers and Printers

  • Encourage more mobile printing among your employees.
  • Consider adding more devices or desktop printers throughout the office.


Have more questions for us? Or, maybe you thought too hard about how many people are touching the copiers and you want more devices? Either way, we’re happy to help just send us a quick message.