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Document Solutions

Document Solutions

Document solutions are designed with our customers in mind. They save you energy, time, and money by allowing us as a third party to serve all of your needs. We can automate your document workflow, manage all of your prints and address all of your software solution needs. Braden Business Systems is here to help with a variety of technology needs, but our document solutions are what our customers value most. 

Document Solutions From Braden Business Systems

When you trust Braden Business Systems to take control of your documents, you can trust that it will go smoothly and seamlessly because of all the years of experience we have with a variety of business equipment and printing needs. Our knowledgeable employees know all of our business equipment by heart and know exactly which features are included on every make and model so we can assess which is the most cost-effective solution for your business. If you don’t need a particular feature because you will never use it, then we can suggest a different model. We are not a company that believes one size fits all. We work with you one-on-one to find the perfect products and services that do everything you need in an efficient manner.

Managed Print Services

Managed print services can save a company up to as much as 41% on their printing needs. We listen to your needs and assess your current situation to find the best hardware for your business. We include you  in the selection, refinement, or replacement process so you know that you are choosing the most cost-effective option for you. Business equipment parts, supplies, and services are also examined to help streamline your company. Your managed print service partner will look for all opportunities possible to reduce your costs, improve your security and reduce your environmental impact, all while improving your efficiency.

Print Management

While similar in name to Managed Print Services, Print Management refers to how users can print, how usage can be reported and the overall ease of use for users to print. An example of print management software would be PaperCut.

 PaperCut is ideally installed on a print server (cloud-hosted, virtual or local), and keeps track of print usage by user, by device, or by settings and allows for advanced reporting. An application is added to the MFP that allows tracking of not only print usage, but copying, scan and fax usage as well. Users can authenticate by username and password, by PIN or even by using the same door access cards they may be using already. PaperCut takes advantage of the print server environment and allows one printer to be installed on the user’s device that can be securely released at any MFP or printer tied to the print server. This is referred to as follow-me printing. 

Follow-me printing is when users see one device to print, and can release to any device, allowing for a consistent process and interface without having to install multiple printers for each location or for specific users. PaperCut has even more advanced features that can deploy printers by IP range, integrate with accounting packages for bill-back or project-based accounting, and can even report on usage to non-networked print devices, allowing for a more complete image of the print usage in your environment.



Software Solutions

We provide software solutions for businesses of all sizes. It doesn’t matter if your business is home-based or a large corporate office. The correct choice of software for your particular company will simplify and automate your workflow. This gives you more time for you to focus on other areas of your company. Your business will run smoother and will help your office become more productive at a lower cost.

Document Management

Document storage, document retrieval and controlling document access all fall under the umbrella of document management. Documents can be stored in a local file share or cloud and be retrieved using a web browser while retaining the original document filetype. This can allow for greater collaboration though versioning as well as simplify how many copies exist of a particular file. 

Creating a consistent file structure with more fields or meta-tags lets users search and retrieve documents more easily and content search can find words or phrases that wouldn’t normally be information tagged to the document. Document management solutions will also provide an audit trail of what has happened to the document, by whom and when. It is also possible to control what specific users or user groups are allowed to do with documents, whether they can see, open, download, email, edit or delete information.

Streamline Workflows With Document Solutions

When you use document solutions, it streamlines the workflow throughout your entire company to leave more time for attention to other items that need to be handled. As a business owner, you have many tasks on your plate. We want to help ease your workload so you can focus on the future. Streamline your process with help from Braden Business Systems. 

This can be as simple as creating specific folders for scanning of documents, to identifying the type of document being scanned, naming that file based on content found in the document, validating associated data, populating associated fields with a data look-up, saving it to the appropriate location and alerting users of the new document with actions available like approvals, escalations and validation. Business process automation can eliminate time intensive processes and simplify otherwise complicated review processes and notification steps. 

Trust Braden Business Systems for Document Solutions

We are highly experienced in document solutions for all of your needs. We’ve been in business since 1989 as the premier company in Indiana and Chicago that is trustworthy and educated in order to help you with your business, no matter what type of business you have. We value all of our customers and excel in customer retention because all of our customers are treated like family.


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