Fishers Friday – Meet Team AD

Meet Team AD

Our staff is comprised of many uniquely talented individuals that bring special skills to the table, but the real magic happens when we look at the impact they collectively create at as a TEAM! One of many things that makes our group of Sales Representatives special, is that they take the time to celebrate the small victories and stay connected as a team unit. As you can see, having team lunches is one way to make sure that good food, lots of laughs, and positive achievements are enjoyed by all. Here is what one member, Katy L., had to share about her experiences:

“Working on Braden’s sales team is not only fun, but has helped all of us grow professionally in so many ways. ‘Sales is sales,’ but when you are selling a quality service there is no better feeling than knowing you did something to make the client’s life easier. That is what we are here to do! With all of the new products and services Braden offers, we have the ability to open so many doors with clients to help not only increase their office productivity and reduce their costs, but also bring them peace of mind. Each one of us brings our own personal flavor to the job, but we all share in the excitement to be part of this growing organization that is headed in so many wonderful directions.” – Katy L.

Way to go, team! Thank you for your extraordinary commitment to bringing the “best of the best” to all our valued clients on a daily basis.

(Pictured from left to right: Lisa G., Katy L., Andy H., Andrew D., and Carissa G.)