Fishers Friday with Service Manager Gerald K.

We couldn’t share the success we have today without the tireless hard-work and commitment delivered directly by of our service technicians to our clients. Coordinating the efforts of our technician team to run smoothly and effectively requires strong leadership and advanced industry knowledge. We are thankful to have had Gerald K. with us for the last 21 years to do just that!

Name: Gerald K.

Title: Service Manager

 Number of years with Braden: 21


  • What are you most looking forward to about moving into the new building?

I am most looking forward to more space in the new building that we so desperately need. We have out grown our old office space.

  •  What is your favorite thing about working for Braden?  

 My favorite thing about Braden is the family atmosphere. And how we continue to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations

  • What is one thing about your role that most people don’t know?

I arrive early in the mornings and make sure parts are together for the technician’s morning service calls.

  • Fun Fact about you:

When I was 18, I purchased a 1972 Porsche that was in bad shape. I spent five years completely restoring the car.

Gerald, thank you for your dedication and loyalty to our Braden Mission the last 21 years, we couldn’t do it without you!