How Does Cloud Computing Work?

You may have heard the phrase “cloud storage” or “cloud computing” thrown around a lot these days without truly knowing what it means. But chances are you have already been using this technology. You’re just not aware of it.

Simply put, the “cloud” is a huge network of servers over which information can be shared. The information or data you upload to the cloud is stored in physical computers or data centers, also called servers which are housed in enormous warehouses all over the world. Companies that own and control these servers are called cloud providers. Well-known examples are Apple and Amazon.

Breaking Down The “Cloud”

Cloud computing is not as complex as it sounds. In fact, it is the basis of our everyday technology today. If you are a user of any kind of social media, say Facebook Messenger, you have already been making use of cloud computing. Every message you send over Messenger is stored on Facebook’s data center. This is how you are able to retrieve your chat history without difficulties. You are simply downloading the information—which has been stored in the cloud through an internet connection—from the server.

Another important point to remember is the technology of virtualization, which makes cloud computing possible in the first place. Often, people confuse the two, but there is a significant difference between them. Virtualization is the technology that creates a virtual or software version of anything that is computing-related, like an OS or a storage device. Therefore, virtualization is the basis of how cloud computing works.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Easy access anywhere, anytime 

One of the major pros of using cloud technology is that you can access the information you have stored in it easily as long as you have an internet connection. No matter where you are in any part of the world, you have access to your data at any time.

More storage space 

Now you do not have to worry about running out of storage. You can store all of the data you want using cloud computing as it offers a much larger storage space compared to your hard drive.

Considerable cost reduction

With cloud computing, you do not have to worry about expenses for data storage. There are many free cloud providers available today. Most providers offer free storage up to a certain limit, which is usually more than enough for the average user. You can always pay a monthly or annual fee if you need more. Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud service providers.

High performance with the latest updates 

Every cloud provider regularly notifies users of its latest updates to make sure they have a smooth and seamless experience. All you have to do is download these updates to your devices. Better yet, you do not have to be an IT expert to install them. They come with instructions that are easy to follow.

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