How Much Does a Multifunction Printer Cost?

When you’re looking to purchase or lease a new multifunction printer (sometimes referred to as a multifunction copier) the first question you probably ask is, “how much does a copier cost?” We would ask that too!

And our response is always, “it depends.” Frustrating? Yes. But let us explain why it depends and how your office copier needs to drive the ultimate price of a purchase or lease and the variables involved. Don’t worry, we will share some actual numbers with you too!

To be clear, the copiers we sell do more than copy; they print, scan, fax, and much more in some cases, which is why we call them Multifunction Printers (MFP).

Customizable Options for Multifunction Printers

Most of us subscribe to at least one streaming TV service. We like these streaming services because they offer different pricing levels, additional content packages based on our interests, and many other customizable options.

When we choose a streaming service, we often consider things such as whether we are sports fans, have children, how many people will be watching and on what devices.

We pay for what we want and nothing else.

Multifunction printers also have several customizable options. There are different sizes, models, and manufacturers. You may need a low- or high-volume unit, color capabilities or not, folding, stapling; the list goes on.

You must also ask yourself things like who will be using the copier and whether you need added security and business applications.

These answers will help determine your final cost. And, you end up paying for what you need and nothing else.

So, How Much Does a Multifunction Printer Typically Cost?

desktop printer

Here’s what you can expect to pay for color and black and white multifunction printers at various output levels. These smaller devices are great for consolidating imaging needs into one device.

Black & White and Color Printers: $350-2,000 ($25-50/month*)

A print-only device in this range is great for individual and small business use.

Black & White and Color Desktop MFP: $600-3500 ($25-75/month*)

Another great option for individual and small business use. These desktops will have a bit more functionality than a print only device. Black and White only will fit the lower end of this range. These devices can only accommodate up to 8.5” x 14” (legal) paper.

Larger multifunction devices (below) can accommodate increased output and provide the ability to easily connect all your business’ technology. The range in price is due to the various add-ons you can choose and the speed of the device. These devices support 11” x 17” (ledger size) paper.

Konica MFP

Black & White MFP: $3,000-7,000 ($50-150/month*)

22-50 PPM (Pages Per Minute) Maximum

Black & White MFP: $7,500-14,000 ($150-275/month*)

55-80 PPM Maximum

Color MFP: $4,000-8,500 ($75-175/month*)

22-50 PPM Maximum

Color MFP: $9,500-18,000 ($125-300/month*)

55-75 PPM Maximum

Production Print Devices (Ask for a quote)

Production devices are appropriate for very large output volumes. They offer the most functionality, speed, quality and various types of media output.

*Monthly Leasing Cost estimates based on credit approval, lease term, and lease rates available at any given time.

Add-ons & Other Considerations

In order to create a device that fits your specific business needs, you will want to consider various add-ons from applications, to finishing options, to security.

Easy Integration – MFPs can integrate with many business technology systems to streamline your workflow, manage documents, add security, monitor cost, etc. Each manufacturer will have apps that work best with their devices.

Paper Trays – Consider the size(s), quantity and types of paper you print. Choose the paper trays that best service these needs.

Finishing Options – Do you need printing options with staples, booklets, tri-fold brochures, hole punching? Each device and manufacturer will have different options and costs thereof.

Data Security – Data security kits will protect sensitive information on your office copiers’ hard drive while card readers allow you to manage access for authorized users with swipe or RFID cards.

Workflow Processes – Make sure that your new multifunction printer will integrate with your current workflow (software, other devices, etc…) or a new workflow you plan to implement.

Company Size – Some businesses need one device, and some will need multiple. It’s okay to mix and match! Recognizing which device(s) will work best for your business is the key to getting the most value for your dollar.

For more information on add-ons, see our post on “5 Printing Needs to Consider Before Purchasing New Equipment.”

Contact Braden for Multifunction Printers

There’s a lot that goes into purchasing a copier, but if you take the time to think through it all, you will save yourself money and end up with a multifunction printer that is perfect for your business.

At Braden, we aim to customize each lease to your business’ needs. With so many options, we can find the perfect fit at the best possible price. Give us a call today and we’ll get started on your unique quote!

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