How Specific Industries Benefit from Wide Format Printers

When it comes to big ideas, you need a big canvas to work on. Wide format printers provide the solution to your printing needs when standard printers simply can’t get the job done. Wide format printers produce high quality images on large paper, which usually ranges from two to more than fifteen feet in width. These printers often use advanced droplet technology, meaning microscopic ink droplets and precision ejection create the highest quality of images.

To get a better idea of the differences between a wide format printer and a production printer, check out our previous article on this subject. In this article, however, we will focus on some of the different industries that can really benefit from the use of a wide format printer.

  • Construction. From interior designers to electrical engineers, larger documents with high image clarity are essential to get the job done right in the construction business. Architects also produce large documents to showcase to clients, such as schematics for home designs. These design layouts will not suffice on an 11.5” x 8” piece of paper. The benefits for large-format documents within this industry are too many to list.
  • Marketing. This industry is all about producing eye-popping, attention-grabbing media. When it comes to print, a wide format printer is a must-have for those in the marketing and advertising industry. Colorful posters and banner ads of the highest quality are popular tools to help boost brand awareness and visibility.
  • Healthcare. Hospitals are full of large-format signage. From signs to help direct their patients to information on available medical services, there’s always a need for large-format text and graphic images within the healthcare industry.
  • Entertainment. Think about all of the signs you see when you visit your local movie theater or walk through a casino. Wide format printers are capable of printing all of those large banner ads that are promoting the next movie, live band, comedian, or poker event.

Most industries could benefit from the use of a wide format printer. The industries listed above are some of the most popular ones that routinely use these printers, but it doesn’t mean they are the only ones that take advantage of large-format prints. For more information on wide format printers and how they can help your business with its big printing ideas, contact us today.