In-House Production Printing Benefits

In-House Production Printing Benefits

If you’re reading this, my guess is that you are outsourcing the printing of a significant volume of high-quality material. Outsourcing is not a bad option and may be right for some businesses, but many of you will benefit from upgrading your in-house production print capabilities.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs In-house Production Printing:

Saves Money

Let’s say you need 3000 high-quality, full color flyers printed on glossy paper. You call up your print guy, send over your file and pay for the prints and a delivery fee. You get your 3000 flyers just in time and realize after distributing them that you have 1000 leftover. It’s a common thing to happen and probably not a bad idea to order more than you need but think of the wasted dollars.

If you had a production printer in-house, you could print only what you need and save that money for other business expenses.


Saves Time

You suddenly need 200 booklets printed by tomorrow and the print shop closes at five. Or, you have a couple of days to get them, but will need them delivered, which means you’re no longer in control of the timeliness of their arrival.

Imagine instead, getting up from your desk, walking over to your production printer and printing 200 booklets immediately. You just saved yourself time and stress.

Reduces Waste

We have sort of already covered this, but not only will an in-house production printer reduce wasted dollars, it will reduce wasted paper. You print what you need, when you need it and don’t end up tossing 1000 extra flyers in the trash.

“U.S. businesses use around 21 million tons of paper every year.” –Rubicon Global

Also, consider the materials you’ve printed and how quickly they become outdated. If you have the capabilities to print in-house, it’s so easy to update the document and print more without feeling like you just need to get through these last couple of boxes.

Provides Security

Do you work in a regulated industry? Need to print something with potentially sensitive information? Outsourcing leaves that information vulnerable even if its unintentional. Let’s say the print shop has something come up in the middle of your print job. They pause the job and leave the already printed copies of sensitive information sitting there. How long? How many different people have an opportunity to see that information?

With an in-house production printer, you have complete control over the security of those documents. Not to mention the software that can be installed on the device for added security.


Whether you’re printing materials for your business or a client, branding and quality is so important. The fact is, every device is likely to print slightly different, which means if you print some stuff in-house and outsource the rest, it may not match. You also want to have creative options with paper stock variety personalized printing and finishing options.

Customizing your in-house production printer will provide you with the equipment that meets your needs and maintains consistency for your important documents.

Time to Buy a Production Printer?

If the benefits sound perfect, then it’s probably a great fit for your business to move your production printing in-house. You won’t be sacrificing quality and will have a ton more printing options at your “convenient” disposal.

Why Would I Outsource my Printing?

Alright, we’re here to be honest and we said in the beginning this won’t be the right decision for everyone. If you don’t outsource large volumes and don’t have the internal space or staff, in-house production printing might not be your answer. Additionally, the equipment takes a bit of training to use to its full potential, but a great vendor partner can always help you learn the ropes.


Interested to know how much your business could save with in-house production printing? Give us a call, we would love to help you decide if in-house production printing is a good decision for your business.