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Cloud Migrations

Modern businesses are moving their operations to the cloud. By storing data and technological systems in the cloud, companies are giving their employees more flexibility, as well as giving themselves more security from disruptions.

Cloud computing means using the resources available on the web, rather than investing in expensive hardware that you store on the premises of your own business. This not only makes operating your business cheaper and safer, but it also gives employees the option of working from anywhere. Employees can access what they need when they travel for business, or when they take a vacation.

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Benefits of Using the Cloud

Using the cloud for your computing brings huge advantages in several different areas. Just a few of the cloud computing benefits include:

  • Access. With cloud computing, you can access your data and your business from anywhere, on any device. This is ideal if you have a remote workforce, or if you like to use different devices in different places when you travel. Cloud computing allows businesses to transform and grow in many different ways compared to the traditional workplace model.
  • Savings. When you compute in the cloud, you free yourself of the need to purchase hardware, software and other resources needed for your applications. These items require more space in your offices, along with cooling and maintenance managed on site. With a cloud infrastructure, you no longer need all the physical hardware which can translate into large savings for your business.
  • Capital vs. Operational Expenses. Traditionally, a startup company had to invest a lot of capital to get up and running. This could be a high hurdle to get over and represented a large financial risk. When you choose to compute in the cloud instead, you can make small monthly payments spread out over time rather than a big investment up front.
  • Storage Capacity. The cloud makes a lot of up-front spending unnecessary. For instance, formerly, a business owner would purchase a server knowing that his business was going to grow and demand more capacity. This would obligate him or her to purchase more capacity than was necessary at first, hoping to grow into it later. By using the cloud, you can upgrade or downgrade easily and don’t need to overbuy on a server because you might need it in the future.
  • Data Security. Investing in a cloud service ensures that all of your company’s information and data is encrypted and allows for easy sharing among employees. You employees, no matter where they’re located, can share documents and information in a secure environment.

Once you have made the decision to modernize and use the cloud for your computing needs, it is only a question of migrating your data and technology. Depending on your connection and the amount of data you need to move, this process may take up to several months.

Don’t be alarmed. Our experienced team will ensure a seamless transfer. By operating in a cloud environment, you can give your business the flexibility and cost savings you need to continue to grow and expand.

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