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Co-Managed IT Services

Technology changes swiftly, and it can be difficult for your in-house IT department to keep up all on its own. With the help of Braden Business Systems’ co-managed IT services, it doesn’t have to anymore.

When you partner with Braden for co-managed IT services, you’ll receive access to their enterprise tools and knowledge so your IT department can provide a higher quality of support to your company and ensure it’s operating as efficiently as possible.

Keep reading to learn whether co-managed IT services from Braden are the right fit for your business.

Why Choose Braden for Co-Managed IT Services?

Each company has varying levels of IT needs – some big, some small – which is why Braden’s co-managed IT services isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Braden tailors its services based on the specific needs of a company.

For example, Braden can configure and train your IT team to utilize their IT tools around remote monitoring and management of servers, end users, networks and security. Your IT staff can utilize these tools to support their business and its employees, regardless of whether they’re remote, hybrid, or in-office workers.

Braden will work alongside the IT department to offer professional services that emerge – such as builds, upgrades and cloud migration – to ensure the company is operating as efficiently as possible 24/7/365.

Braden’s co-managed solution also provides companies with access to strategic leadership from a virtual chief information officer (vCIO) and operational support from a customer success and technical engineers. All of this allows your IT team to better support the company.

Braden’s Co-Managed IT Services

No matter what services your business needs, Braden has a solution. Whether it’s data backup or advanced endpoint detection, the company’s co-managed options can ensure that critical IT tasks are completed. Some co-managed services include the following.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

Monitoring your network takes time. Let Braden do the heavy lifting. Braden’s technology professionals can manage your entire network, hardware, and software and ensure they’re up to date with the latest upgrades and best practices.

Remote monitoring and management can detect threats in their early stages, fix issues quicker, and provide maintenance to optimize the network’s stability. All of this will help your company save time and money.

SaaS Backup and Management

Increased cloud migration has led to more Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. The latest data indicates that SaaS sales will increase at a rate of 30% per year. While SaaS has many benefits, it also has a downside. With so many SaaS solutions operating across an enterprise, keeping track of them can be a challenge, adding to an already overburdened IT workload.

SaaS management tracks your software applications to ensure you have the latest updates, accurate licensing, and systematic on- and off-boarding of applications. It can also help with unauthorized downloads of web-based solutions that can pose a security risk.

Backing up SaaS applications and their data is just as important as backing up on-premise information. What happens when a cloud provider has an outage or data becomes corrupted? Yes, most providers have guarantees and offer compensation if those targets aren’t met, but what good does that do if you don’t have data? Braden offers SaaS backup to ensure that your data is protected no matter where it is located.

Advanced Network Monitoring

Advanced network monitoring incorporates availability, configuration, performance, and cloud infrastructure for end-to-end visibility of your network. It provides vulnerability scanning at endpoints such as workstations and servers. These advanced tools are designed to mitigate the risk of malicious software infiltrating your network.

Braden’s advanced network monitoring provides another layer of protection against cyberattacks. With its cloud capabilities, these advanced tools ensure that a cloud-only or hybrid environment is operating at peak performance with maximum uptime. It’s a co-managed option that makes sense for any organization.

Email Security

Email remains one of the primary vectors for the delivery of malicious software such as ransomware and viruses. Whether the software is embedded in the email or is downloaded when a link is clicked, emails pose a significant threat to every enterprise. Without added security, emails are a cyberattack waiting to happen.

Braden’s email security scans emails for malicious software or viruses. It can highlight questionable links and addresses. This added scrutiny reduces the risk associated with emails. With fewer compromised emails making it to the end-user’s computer, the likelihood of an inadvertent click or download is minimized.

Mobile Device Management

Flexible work locations may give employees the work-life balance they want, but they can create more work for IT departments. Managing an ever-changing number of devices can easily turn into a full-time task. With most IT departments being understaffed, finding someone to manage the devices may be nearly impossible. Braden offers mobile device management to help organizations gain control of their devices

Phishing Training and Testing

Phishing remains the primary delivery mechanism for cybercriminals. Through sophisticated campaigns, hackers lure targets to websites or convince employees that they are trustworthy in hopes of stealing credentials. Phishing can result in business email compromises (BEC) where hackers get employees to transfer money to a bogus account.

It’s estimated that as many as 30% of employees have made mistakes by opening corrupted emails or clicking on bad links. However, that number can be dropped to 3-5% with proper training.

Braden provides training and testing to increase awareness of phishing techniques. When employees are shown what to look for, they can make better decisions regarding suspicious emails. They can learn to think twice before initiating a wire transfer or payment. With training and testing, employees can develop skills that help reduce the burden on IT staff.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Networks are no longer desktop workstations located throughout an office and tied to a server in a local computer room. Today’s networks can stretch to endpoints thousands of miles away. Unless endpoints are monitored, hackers can exploit weaknesses to gain access to the entire network.

Braden offers endpoint detection and response technology that monitors endpoints for intrusion attempts. Not only can the solution detect cyber attempts, but it can also respond to the attempt. Configuring the solution to respond to an attempt automatically means containing a cyber threat and preventing it from reaching the network.

Strategy and Quality Are Core to a Successful Co-managed Partnership

Tools and Technology are only a small part of a winning strategy. Braden knows it takes the right talent to get the most out of your technology investment. To ensure success, Braden provides every one of its managed IT customers with the right mix of experts who can focus on the technical strategy that moves your business forward as well as delivering a high-quality user experience. These team members oversee projects and bridge the gap between the people who work for Braden and the business. They provide you with regular updates, manage the project timelines, and do the research to find the tools and strategies to achieve your business goals.

Contact Braden for Co-Managed IT Services

If your IT department needs a shot in the arm to help it deliver the services your company needs to succeed and stay competitive, consider co-managed IT services from Braden. You can customize your plan to create a more positive work environment without compromising IT services. Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your IT needs.

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