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Infrastructure Managed Services

Infrastructure managed services provide businesses with more freedom to focus on help desk services, improving the customer experience, and growing their business. Braden Business Systems will take care of a company’s infrastructure to ensure it’s secure and efficient. Managed infrastructure is ideal for companies both small and large. Keep reading to learn more about our managed infrastructure IT services.

Braden’s Managed Infrastructure Services

Our managed infrastructure services are designed for optimal performance. They let organizations focus on building their business. The following four cornerstones of our services address the critical components of any IT infrastructure.

Server Monitoring and Management

Businesses have physical and virtual data servers, web servers, backup servers, and more. Managing multiple servers can be challenging, especially if IT resources are limited. Braden monitors server performance by analyzing key performance indicators utilizing best of breed technology and processes.
Our teams use the information to provide ongoing operational support and address potential problems before they result in unexpected downtime. With so much of today’s business operations depending on servers, monitoring and managing them has become a mission-critical task.

Network Monitoring and Management

An organization’s network keeps it running. Think of those headline-making outages at Facebook or Amazon. No one wants their business to appear in those headlines. That’s why Braden sees network monitoring and management as a fundamental part of its managed infrastructure services.

Cloud Monitoring and Management

Monitoring and managing cloud operations are not the same as monitoring and managing on-premise infrastructures. It involves evaluating cloud services, applications, and virtual machines without access to a physical underlay. That means looking for different behaviors that might indicate a problem.

Braden looks at cloud applications and services to determine if cloud resources are being allocated to meet operational needs. Cloud monitoring requires an understanding of cloud infrastructures and familiarity with the cloud provider. Each cloud provider has different operational standards and capabilities which can prove challenging in a multi-cloud environment.

SaaS Management

If your business is like most, software applications seem to multiply on their own. With cloud computing’s SaaS capabilities, software downloads only increase. Using managed, and unmonitored applications or retaining unused software adds to a company’s cybersecurity risks. SaaS management lets organizations start to control shadow IT and simplify processes for licensing, onboarding, and renewing SaaS applications from a central location.

Braden’s SaaS management means IT staff no longer have to wonder what unapproved applications are now holding critical business information. Braden’s SaaS management focuses on delivering a complete picture into all SaaS usage across the business. With this information, our team can manage usage and prevent access to unapproved services that may be dangerous to the business.

The Braden Difference

Braden understands that managed services are about people in addition to technology. Our goal is to provide an infrastructure that supports your employees and your business. We focus on solutions that:

  • Accelerate growth
  • Drive value
  • Increase agility
  • Simplify complexity

We take the time to understand your business. We want to know where you want to go and be a part of how you get there.

Tools and Technology are only a small part of a winning strategy. Braden knows it takes the right talent to get the most out of your technology investment. To ensure success, Braden provides every one of its managed IT customers with the right mix of experts who can focus on the technical strategy that moves your business forward as well as delivering a high-quality user experience. These team members oversee projects and bridge the gap between the people who work for Braden and the business. They provide you with regular updates, manage the project timelines, and do the research to find the tools and strategies to achieve your business goals.

Why Partner with Braden?

Braden Business Systems has partnered with organizations throughout the Midwest since 1989. Our sustained commitment to innovate our services to deliver state-of-the-art solutions has enabled our clients to grow their businesses. With over 30 years of experience, our staff has the expertise to deliver consistent service regardless of the changes in the business landscape.

Our focus continues to be on the people and businesses that use our services to achieve their growth objectives. It’s our dedication to the long-term viability of our clients that sets us apart from other MSPs. We measure our success by yours.

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Maintaining critical infrastructures whether in IT or elsewhere is challenging. When an infrastructure component fails, operations can come to an immediate halt. If you’re interested in keeping your IT infrastructure performing, contact us to discuss your managed services needs.

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