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Managed Security

There are never enough IT experts to go around. After all you’ve invested in your own IT department, they seem perpetually stretched too thin.

Plenty of IT projects could help the organization run better, but the IT crew spends all of their time on security. What is a company to do?

Obviously, you need more IT resources. Instead of hiring internally, you can save some money while boosting results by investing in managed security. Braden Business Systems offers managed security solutions that are highly effective against modern threats. And, when you outsource at least some of your security management, you can actually save money on your total IT costs.

Cybersecurity Insurance Is Harder to Qualify For

Before adding on more IT costs, you might think that you could find other ways to offset security risks. For instance, you might get insurance to cover any losses that stem from a security problem.

That might be viable, but there’s a problem. Many insurance policies of this nature have clauses that require certain levels of cybersecurity in order to qualify for a claim. It’s kind of like how you have to keep your doors locked in order to get a payout when someone breaks into your car.

Braden solves this problem too. If you want to have insurance coverage for digital security issues (which is a smart move), then you need to meet the security standards outlined in your policy. Braden can ensure that you do, and you might even qualify for lower premiums once your security measures are up to date.

Compliance Management

One of the great challenges of providing digital security is that every company has unique needs. That’s why Braden focuses on unique security plans. We’ll work with you in a partnership to understand how the organization works. With that knowledge, we can craft a strategy that shores up any security weaknesses.

We manage this through the following strategies:

Security Monitoring

As the name implies, we actively monitor your systems to ensure they are secured. We also watch for threats in real time, enabling us to respond immediately when there is a problem.


Security incident and event management, run through a security operations center, allows us to focus and consolidate resources for more efficient security deployment. These strategies make it easier to prevent data breaches and provide rapid alerts to emerging issues.

Managed Detection and Response

Managed detection and response is a strategy that fits right in with the two above. We take care of detecting and resolving security issues whenever they might arise.

Managed Risk and Vulnerability Services

Managed risk and vulnerability services are more about anticipation and prevention. We might include a security audit so we can carefully analyze your operations and find all of the vulnerabilities. With managed risk services, we then craft a unique strategy that optimizes your security resources according to the risk assessment.

Compliance Management

With compliance management, we review rules and regulations for your industry. We include those in our audit so we can ensure that you don’t violate any of them. This can prevent massive fines and considerable downtime that might otherwise follow if you were to fall out of compliance.

A Braden Assessment Uncovers Your Security Needs

A Braden assessment is often the most valuable service for an organization, especially those that already have IT departments. It’s easy to overlook things when you’re too close to the operation.

A Braden assessment allows us to bring in objective analysis, and we use that to take a deep dive into your current security protocols. We will find areas of opportunity, and we will lay out recommendations for the best ways to improve your security outlook.

Digital security moves fast and evolves even faster. You have to always fight to stay ahead, and we’re offering to do that for you. We won’t stop with a single, static plan of defense. We constantly look for trouble so that we can head it off at the pass.

With Braden, your security strategy can grow right alongside your business.

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