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Voice Over IP Phone Systems

Voice Over IP Phone Systems

Communication between your employees and with your clients is an important part of your business. Having a business phone system that is fast, efficient, and provides reliable communication increases productivity within the business and ensures that your customers receive the service they expect from you.

Voice Over IP Phone Systems can now handle most communication functions within a business. This innovative business phone system depends on either a cloud computing system, a dedicated host system, or a hybrid in order to function. Your IT managed services provider (MSP) can provide you with this phone system.

Voice Over IP Phones Explained

A Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone system provides communication and service in the same data stream as several other internet services. VoIP phone systems provide accessibility between your employees and your customers and allow them to place phone calls even during emergencies. These phone systems not only account for efficient calls, but they also allow other communication such as texts, web conferences, and more. Consider changing to this business phone system if you need to update your old phone system, your business is expanding, or your workforce is spread thin. All you need is a reliable internet connection to get started.

Cloud Provided VoIP Services

Cloud computing is an efficient business solution. VoIP phone systems also rely on cloud computing. The benefits of cloud computing apply to your business phone service as well. A cloud VoIP system connects your phones and other communication devices through the internet and to an offsite cloud service. This virtual phone system connects the members of your workplace through a cloud-hosted system that is easy to access and lacks the drawbacks of an onsite installation.

On-Premise VoIP Services

An on-premise VoIP service provides some of the same connection and communication benefits that a cloud system does, but relies on a dedicated service installed within your workplace. An on-premise VoIP system needs some maintenance, and any damage to it may compromise your communication system – but you will also have greater control.

Which Service Is Best For Your Business?

Both cloud computing and on-premise servers have enticing features and some drawbacks. Cloud computing allows for greater flexibility, expansion, and is more cost-effective since it requires no physical installation and can still function in case of a natural disaster. Cloud-based phone systems for small businesses are ideal for these companies with no formal IT staff. This business phone system is a great way to still get leads while saving money.

An onsite VoIP phone service requires more installation and maintenance as your business expands, but they also give you more control and added security. If your business has a dedicated IT staff onsite, they can maintain and expand your business phone systems as needed.

VoIP Business Phone Systems Provide Additional Functionality

Businesses that rely on phone calls for leads need the best business phone system available to learn more about their customers to speed the customer service process along. With a VoIP business phone system in place, you’ll gain additional functionality with advanced features such as:

  • Call control, management, and training
  • Mobility
  • Voicemail and messaging
  • Contact center
  • Analytics
  • Integrations

Your team will still be able to receive incoming calls, call transfers, and check voicemails like a normal business phone system. However, with this phone system, you can see which calls were missed, and how many people called your line. VoIP phone systems are the best business phone systems because they can provide you with data from your customers that you weren’t able to see before with a traditional phone system.

Braden Is Your Trusted Business Phone System Providers

Whether you choose a cloud or an onsite business phone system, you will connect your business work through a single, simple system that will increase communication, efficiency, and ultimately, your profits. Contact Braden to see how we find which business phone system will best fit your business. We can offer the important features you’re looking for in a phone system. Contact us today to get started.

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