Konica MFP Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Konica MFP Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Your Konica Minolta (Multi-function Printer) MFP prints, copies, and scans. But it does so much more than that! Many of our clients are surprised to find out that their MFP has many more features to make their lives easier and their documents more secure.

So what else can your Konica MFP do?

Secure Print-

If you are printing confidential documents or using a copier that that receives many jobs at the same time, secure print can help. You can send the print job and use a unique code to release the documents when you are ready. This prevents mixed jobs as well as people seeing confidential information.

Card Shot-

Do you frequently need to copy cards such as insurance cards, driver’s licenses or business cards? Card shot allows you to scan the card onto one sheet, reducing the number of prints and expanding the image, making some of the small text easier to read.

Separate Scans-

Do you need to scan multiple documents as different jobs? Separate scan allows you do this efficiently by feeding all the documents into the printer at once. Separate scan will then split each document into its own file. You can also adjust the number of pages that will scan into one document if you need.

Scan & Print from USB-

You aren’t always printing from a computer, which is why MFP devices allow you to print from and scan to some USB devices. There should be a USB port on the printer to attach the device and then you can choose the file to print from the touch panel.

Driver Updates-

Can’t access full features, means you have the wrong driver. A professional install will usually solve this problem. Upgrade to Universal PCL driver or machine specific PCL driver. Jobs spools faster, color prints correctly.

Hopefully these MFP hacks will help you get even more from your printer than you thought possible. The great thing is that all of this comes ready to use on the device. There is no extra software to install (so long as you have the correct driver). If you have questions about how to activate any of these features/settings, we’re here to help.


Don’t have a printer that can do all this, but you need to do all this? We can help! Contact us today for a personalized recommendation.