The Truth about Managed IT Services for Indianapolis Businesses

Managing a business is not an easy feat. With so many different technologies becoming integral to modern businesses, the importance of outsourcing the management your IT infrastructure is crucially important for businesses in Indianapolis. There are several misconceptions about managed IT services, and in order to help you make an informed decision about whether or not to incorporate Braden’s Managed IT Services into your Indiana business, we are going to debunk some of these myths:

MYTH 1: Outsourcing IT is only done by large businesses

There is no size discrimination when it comes to managed IT services. These services are just as valuable, if not more valuable, to small businesses than they are to large corporations. Businesses of all sizes are able to afford managed IT services, which helps them stay competitive with their industry counterparts and operate on a more efficient level.

MYTH 2: Managed IT service contracts are expensive

Managed IT service providers offer contracts that are designed to attract small- to medium-sized businesses, making it an affordable solution to businesses of every size in any industry. Investing in high quality managed IT service is still a better step than not incorporating these services because of the expense of their contract. In fact, the break-fix model of handling your IT infrastructure can be more expensive than the preventive measures taken by a managed IT partner. Contractual monthly invoices from your managed services partner also help make this a predictable, expected monthly expense.

MYTH 3: There is no need for outsourcing IT support

Even if you have an internal IT support team, you should consider acquiring managed IT services. Your managed IT partner provides a team of experts who have up-to-date knowledge on IT best practices. Paying for the continuing education and training necessary to ensure your in-house IT team maintains the required expertise to keep your IT infrastructure secure is costly and cumbersome. Keeping in-house IT support on staff is perfect for completing value-adding tasks, but let an outsourced team of experts ensure your network is safe and functioning properly.

MYTH 4: The service provider will drive the business

A lot of business owners believe that if they acquire managed IT services, then they will be handing control of their business over to them. That is not the case, because your managed IT provider will be like partners for your business, driving it forward as a team. They will not dictate the direction of your business and certainly will not interfere with any plans for growth you may have.

If you’re an Indianapolis-based business looking to learn more about managed IT services, contact Braden Business Systems today. We will help determine the best solution for your industry and unique business needs.