Managed IT Services Help Small Businesses Succeed

To be successful in today’s competitive business environment, small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need to leverage every tool at their disposal. One dynamic tool available to companies that can make a big difference is Managed IT Services. In this blog post we’ll discuss how Managed IT Services can help small businesses thrive.

What is Managed IT?
With Managed IT, an external partner handles a company’s basic computing capabilities and infrastructure. Computing, storage and networking, cybersecurity, email, and other communications all may be involved. Your Managed IT partner provides basic service such as repairs, troubleshooting, and other end-user support functionalities. From cloud computing to cybersecurity, a Managed IT partner keeps your IT infrastructure up, secure, and running smoothly.

What can Managed IT do for a small business?
Managed IT can improve workflows and output yields, resulting in a positive impact on your bottom line. After one company’s recent transition, the move to Managed IT reduced the number of help desk calls by a whopping 75 percent, and customer satisfaction also received a boost. Giving their IT teams two weeks to focus on business issues instead of managing routine activities resulted in them developing a tracking app that could provide real-time locations of delivery trucks—making it easier and more convenient for customers to plan their day around deliveries.

Why move to Managed IT?
A Managed IT partner will provide SMBs with unbeatable expertise. Your partner will ensure that your systems are on the cutting edge, providing you with smooth performance over a long-term partnership. Companies that use Managed IT solutions such as cloud-based services see increased productivity and efficiency, and companies utilizing Managed IT also receive better security at lower costs.

Developing a Partnership
Managed IT Services should be a partnership between two businesses. With a long-term relationship and roadmap, your Managed IT provider can develop customized solutions that help your company address its unique business goals and pain points. Formal reviews of data demonstrating the effectiveness of the partnership should occur regularly, as should informal meetings with account managers. Managed IT has proved to be so valuable that some 65 percent of SMBs are already using some form of Managed IT.

Working with a Managed IT partner provides your employees the freedom to apply their skills to unique business problems—while your Managed Services partner leverages their expertise and economies of scale to take your company’s technology to the next level. If you’re in the metro Indianapolis or surrounding area, contact Braden Business Systems today to learn more about Managed IT Services.