Managed Print Services 101

Competitive companies take advantage of the best tools at their disposal to optimize workflows, improve efficiencies, and reduce costs. Did you know unmanaged printing can actually eat up as much as seven percent of an organization’s revenues? That’s why we recommend Indiana businesses turn to Managed Print Services (MPS) to make their printing both measurable and manageable.

What is MPS?
Gartner defines Managed Print Services as the holistic management of a company’s entire print ecosystem, including needs assessment, hardware (selection, refinement, or replacement), service, parts, and supplies. An MPS partner works closely with a company to design a solution that reduces costs and improves efficiency.

Components of MPS
Managed Print Services begins with an assessment of a company’s print infrastructure, which provides their MPS partner with baseline data for the design of an optimized system. Print infrastructures can be optimized by streamlining the print fleet, establishing a print environment that ensures every machine is used to its maximum efficiency while every team member has access to the functions and tools they need. Technical support is also included in an MPS engagement, from troubleshooting to proactive maintenance. The MPS software platform will support the company’s workflows while enabling their MPS partner to oversee the system and look for opportunities for improvement. MPS also simplifies inventory management through automatic ordering of consumable supplies and improves security with tools such as encryption, PIN access, and audit trails.

Benefits of MPS
Numerous benefits make MPS a worthwhile endeavor for most companies. For starters, businesses using MPS can realize cost reductions of as much as 30 percent, with various verticals reaping rewards at different levels: healthcare organizations can reduce costs by 27 percent, financial services firms by 33 percent, and law firms by as much as 41 percent! In addition to lower costs, companies benefit from a more predictable budget and better visibility of their print-related data. Better security protects critical business data, while streamlined workflows make systems more efficient and effective. MPS also reduces environmental impact through green printing and power-saving modes.

Managed Print Services can transform a chaotic, unmanaged print infrastructure into a streamlined, optimized, secure, and environmentally-friendly business system. To learn more about Managed Print Services in the Indianapolis area, contact Braden Business Systems today.