How Managed Print Services Helps Secure Data

Managed Print Services (MPS) does much more than just auto-ordering toner. In fact, MPS can be a key component of your business’s data security strategy. Much like your networked computers, company printers need to be secured. Quocirca, a research firm, found that 63 percent of businesses surveyed admit to experiencing one or more print-related data breaches. Moreover, Danwood Group Limited found that out of 1,000 office workers surveyed, 94 percent have at least one bad printing habit that puts a company at risk. Rather than overlooking this crucial aspect of securing your data, consider the following to ensure your print environment is secure.

Printed Document Security: Most MFPs offer a myriad of security measures, many of which get overlooked by businesses these days. However, by using passwords, pin codes, or even security cards, you can ensure that those printed documents are not being spied upon by unwanted eyes. Instead, these modern systems provide accountability and overall protection of your data. For complete control of printing processes and the ultimate security, Braden’s dedicated print management software will track all printing activities across your entire imaging equipment fleet.

Fax Security: You might think that faxing is obsolete, but the fax machine stands the test of time as a vital technology for modern businesses. It is important to secure your fax setup just as you would secure your company’s computers and printers. Braden can help you utilize a fax routing system, so your documents arrive securely to your intended target.

Imaging Equipment Security: Security breaches can happen in any number of ways, and your printers, copiers, and MFPs are no exception. Many of these devices store information, and when information is stored, it must be protected. Secure hard drives are a great bet, but make sure your imaging device hard drives are erased or “shredded” before a machine leaves your office. This is particularly important to keep in mind if you lease your devices and frequently exchange machines.

At Braden, we understand how to employ MPS with the security of your data in mind. The liabilities associated with confidential information are potentially disastrous for any business, so rest assured that we will take all the necessary steps to protect your business data.

If you’re in the Indianapolis area and want to learn more about how to keep your sensitive business data secure with Managed Print Services, contact Braden Business Systems today.