Meet Benjamin D. – CTO

This week we introduce to you a crucial member in managing our Braden IT Services Team – Our Chief Technology Officer, Benjamin D. Benjamin must wear many hats on a daily basis, but always keeps the needs of his team and developing them for success front and center.

Name: Benjamin D.

Title: CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Number of years with Braden: 2 (9 Years with the combination of DAST and Braden)

How will the new building help you continue to be successful in your position? The new environment will give the BITS team (and me) the opportunity to focus and make collaboration significantly easier. As you can imagine with a growing company, space was at a premium in our current space. Braden saw this coming and had the vision to start the building project over two years ago. I look forward to seeing how this affects the team’s daily interactions.

What is your favorite thing about working for Braden?  I love the people that work at Braden. I have worked with half of my team for over 5 years and would not trade them for any other team. I enjoy the sense of camaraderie that exists and look forward to my daily interactions with fellow employees.

What is one thing about your role that most people don’t know? Humor is a core aspect of my day. IT can be a high stress environment. I encourage my team to use humor to work through our daily interactions.

Fun Fact about you: I met my wife when I was 5 years old. However, we didn’t start dating until we were 18. We recently celebrated our 14th anniversary and will invite our fourth child into our family in October of this year.

Thank you Benjamin for your leadership and commitment to providing prompt, effective, state-of-the-art solutions and services for our valued customers.