Nine Business Benefits of Offsite Backup for Businesses in Central Indiana

Everyone knows the importance of backing up critical data, but what’s just as important is making sure that data is backed up offsite—at another physical location entirely. Also known as cloud backup, offsite backup can keep your operations efficient and your recovery sound. In this blog post we’ll cover the benefits of utilizing offsite backup.

Safe — Whether you’re faced with fire, flood, tornado, or power outage, offsite backup protects your data from disasters that affect your physical location. A backup hard drive can’t do its job if it goes up in flames or is damaged by water.
Simple — Offsite backup is simple and straightforward for you, with no new servers or special equipment to install. There’s also no need to fumble with tapes or discs. Just click a button and everything is backed up for you.
Secure — Backup solutions like those offered by Braden Business Systems protect your data from digital incursions, using passwords, encryption, and firewalls to secure your information. Software is also kept up-to-date, with patches and protocols managed for you.
Scalable — Offsite backup can provide you as much or as little as you need. Offsite backup also grows with you, eliminating the need for you to build an entirely new system when your needs change.
Saves Time — Staffs no longer need to spend time juggling tape backup or searching for blank disks to backup your data to. Whether daily, weekly, or on another schedule, your staff can focus on value-adding work instead.
Saves Money — With offsite backup, you pay only for what you use, resulting in regular, predictable billing. Save money by avoiding high-priced custom equipment or needing your own dedicated servers.
Speedy Recovery — With just a few clicks of the mouse, your data can be restored from any location. Offsite backup is designed to get you up and running again quickly.
Self-Service — Offsite backup can even be configured to allow your team to recover individual files as needed.
Scheduling Options — Some businesses have such rapid data flow that backups must be performed daily or even hourly, while others manage just fine with weekly backup. Offsite backup protects the data you need on the schedule you designate.

Offsite backup, securely located separate from your primary physical location, is the only way to get true security for your data. Fortunately, offsite backup is also faster, cheaper, and simpler than ever. Contact Braden Business Systems to make sure you’re prepared in case the worst happens.