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Office Equipment

Office Equipment

The success of your company depends largely on your employees and customer service, but without the necessary office equipment you could fall behind the competition because you cannot offer the speedy and contemporary solutions customers are looking for.  Modern offices all need key pieces of equipment in order to serve their customers, such as copiers, printers, and scanners, in order to survive and be successful. Braden Business Systems carries a full line of all the office equipment that is needed on a daily basis for your business.

Office Equipment From Braden Business Systems

When you’re a professional business, you need professional solutions. Braden Business Systems is here to help your business get started with all the tools and services you need to help your company grow. 


While many documents are moving to the virtual filing cabinet, many businesses still have a need for hard copies. Being able to print memos, schedules, spreadsheets, and other documents that keep your business on track are essential. At Braden Business Systems, we take the time to see how we can meet your copy needs best.  

Copiers are available in black and white for companies who don’t need color copies for any reason. The newer models of black and white copiers print at very fast speed and are very economical to run. Color copiers are a must for some types of businesses, such as graphic design, advertising agencies and architectural offices. These types of businesses require high quality copies in brilliant colors in order to present information and plans to clients. High quality consistent color output adds to a professional presentation while maximizing the effectiveness of your proposals.


Braden Business Systems carries a full line of printers for all of your needs. These single line printers will supplement an organizations MFP fleet while minimizing output cost. Many devices will print up to 11×17 documents as well as letter and legal sizes. In most cases, double sided printing (duplex) comes standard and additional paper trays can be added to increase the ease of use. Printers are available in black and while or color and can produce documents up to 62 pages per minute. 


Scanners allow you to quickly scan documents and save them on your computers for easy access in a digital format. Scanners save on paperwork and it makes it super easy to share files with other workers or clients in just a few clicks. New models of scanners can handle 300 documents at a time, so there is no need to stand at the scanner placing one document on the scanner at a time. Scanners can handle multiple-sized documents and some even have wireless capabilities. Scanners save on your cost of paper and also save you many hours of time from inputting documents on the computer manually.

Production & Wide Format Printers

Production printers are used by printing businesses to print large quantities of documents in a very quick time frame. They also have unique finishing capabilities, can print on a wider range of paper stocks, and have output speeds much faster than a traditional MFP.

Wide-format printers are great for many different projects, such as banners, posters, and large-scale printing for signage and advertising. Wide-format printers can print on rolls of a rigid material or on lighter types of material for banners. Finished products can be displayed inside or outside without the colors fading in the sunlight.

Managed Print Services

We also offer you a managed print service that starts with evaluating your exact needs for office equipment. We can help to find you the best office equipment for your business that will streamline your processes and help your business run smoothly. We can repair, upgrade or replace your equipment. We manage all of the details down to the supplies you need and any other services you may need as well. It’s a turnkey concept that many forward-thinking businesses are using today.

Office Equipment Drives Productivity

When you have the right kind of office equipment for all of your needs, it will drive many aspects to excel. Our equipment can help improve quality, speed, overall efficiency, and it will be cost-effective to your bottom line. As you have heard before, time is money and time can also be very costly if you use outdated equipment that needs repairs often or that is no longer time efficient.

Why Trust Braden for Your Office Equipment?

At Braden Office Equipment, we value you as a customer and we treat you like family. We have been in business since 1989 and will continue to exist for many years to serve all of your needs and long-term interests. We are the premier office equipment company in both Chicago and Indiana. Our reputation is one of consistently fast response times that far outpace industry averages.

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