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What Are Managed Print Services?

Desktop printers can be a challenge if not managed properly — especially considering all of the people inside an organization who touch the devices on a daily basis. Mechanical fixes, supply monitoring, supply ordering, tracking usage, managing print drivers, assessing security risks and evaluating replacement plans are all part of this. An effective Managed Print Services program provides the expertise to manage the entire print ecosystem. This can be accomplished whether the printer fleet is centrally located in a single building or deployed across multiple locations.

Our managed printer services alleviate the stress of print management so you can focus on your company’s bigger picture.

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Our Managed Print Services Offer Your Business:

Improved Security and Reduced IT Burden

Keeping track of what’s printed and where can be a timely endeavor that will challenge many in-house IT teams. A print assessment that’s part of a managed print service can identify print and IT security risks your company is currently facing. Having just one company manage your print fleet also reduces the number of third-party vendors that have access to these devices, thus improving print security.

Reduced Costs

Implementing an effective Managed Print Program can result in cost reductions as high as 40%. Time savings for internal staff, reduced cost of supplies and routing prints to the most efficient machine all play a part in delivering these savings.

Increased Efficiencies

Most organizations have experienced an employee having to spend time ordering an emergency supply for a printer no one knew was out of toner. Fixing malfunctions on old print equipment is another frequent occurrence. A Managed Print Service Program can eliminate these issues and free up your staff for more productive tasks.

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