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Fast, Easy and Quick Folding and Shredding

Braden’s advanced document shredders and folding systems take the headache out of folding and shredding. Our folding systems provide a neat, accurate and clean fold every time. Meanwhile, our shredders quickly and efficiently destroy sensitive information, so you benefit from protection against theft or privacy invasion.

Our document shredders and folding systems help streamline operations while ensuring the utmost security.

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Our Document Shredders and Folding Systems Offer Your Business:

A Higher Quality Product

Benefit from more precise, cleaner and crisper folds with each document.

Ensured Safety and Compliance

Reduce the risk of data compromise or noncompliance with federal privacy laws with proper shredding.

Office Automation

Automate folding and shredding so your employees can be productive and effective with their respective work.

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