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Wide-Format Printers

Wide-Format Printers

Wide-format printers are useful in creating large documents or a number of other items that would not fit on a standard size printer. You can print items in full and vivid color from 18 inches wide to 60 inches wide on your own in-house printer.

Do You Need a Wide-Format Printer?

Wide-format printers are used for printing large items such as posters, wallpaper, murals, vehicle wraps, construction plans, backdrops for theater productions, banners, and any other artwork in a wide format, including signage for advertising. If you often have orders for these types of items, you can save a considerable amount of money by having your own in-house wide format printer. These printers use inkjet imaging that is very economical over other print methods, such as screen printing.

The Benefits of a Wide-Format Printer

Wide-format printers have many different benefits for your business versus taking the wide-format orders to a printing shop. When you have a wide-format printer in house, you can print these jobs on your schedule without any labor fees. With economical printing, you’ll be amazed at how much time and money you save. Many customers love their wide-format printers for the following reasons:

Save Money With an In-House Printer

When you have your own in-house wide-format printer at your business, it will save you a considerable amount of money instead of having a printing company print these items for you. This also means that you save valuable time because you can do your printing when you want it. If you take your jobs to an outside printing service, your job will have to wait in line behind other jobs. This could slow down your job substantially, which is a problem if you need your printed materials fast. Having an in-house wide-format printer saves the labor cost of an employee who has to drop off the project at the printing company and then return to pick it up once the order is finished.

High-Quality Images

Modern wide-format printers can produce high-quality images that are crystal clear with vivid colors for all your projects. You can have superior image quality combined with high productivity for printing on indoor and outdoor jobs that will certainly impress your clients. Superior quality will always stand out in any type of advertisement.

Inexpensive Materials

The toner and ink for wide-format printers are very inexpensive compared to others. You can print on flexible or rigid media on a continuous roll to save on the time and expense of loading one piece of media at a time. The ink reservoirs hold a large capacity of ink to save on the cost and time needed to fill it.



Braden Business Systems’ Range of Wide-Format Printers

At Braden Business Systems we carry a full line of spectacular wide-format printers for all of your needs in vivid color prints with a low consumption of ink. You will get excellent quality prints with a color configuration of 6-9 colors and whites that are immediately cured with UV LED lamps. This is so it does not smear or mar the images. The instant curing is a more recent development in wide-format printers to speed up your process and make it easier to handle without smearing ink.

Products Backed By Years of Knowledge and Expertise

We have been your premier choice for wide-format printers in Chicago and Indiana since we started our business in 1989. We treat our customers like family and are here for all of our business equipment needs.

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