Where to Print Documents Near Me

Where to Print Documents near Me: Outsourcing vs In-house Printing

Businesses often need printing services to meet their daily printing requirements. Many companies choose an external partner or a printer service such as FedEx or Kinkos while others choose a smarter option; they purchase their own printing machine. For businesses with large printing requirements, in-house printing can be more convenient and cost effective.

A few decades ago, when a business wanted to print, scan or fax a document, they would opt for printing services providers as it was convenient and cheaper than investing in printers, scanners and fax machines. Times have now changed; businesses can easily purchase high tech printers with multiple features such as scanning and faxing options. Hence, businesses which need to print hundreds of documents on a daily basis should opt an in-house printing solution as opposed to using the services of FedEx or Kinkos.

In-house printing can save small to large businesses money while making it easier for them to print, scan or fax important documents. Here are a few advantages of in-house printing:

Cost Reduction

  • A business may require regular printing for official purposes including invoices, monthly reports, plans etc. For businesses with higher printing requirements, investing in a printing device will reduce costs in the long run.
  • Printing services providers often charge you more if your required quantity is less than their minimum order requirement. This forces businesses to opt for larger quantities than they need to avail the discounted rates. However, excess printouts are an unnecessary expense for your business.
  • Even if you feel that your printing services provider is cheap, they are charging you enough to cover their overheads and earn a profit.
  • Often, a single error or spelling mistake in the printed copies render them useless. In printing in-house, businesses can easily print the required copies again without having to pay extra.

Added Convenience

  • Driving down to a printing shop requires time. Not to mention the waiting time if it is a busy day and you need to wait longer for your turn. All the time wasted in printing a few documents can seriously affect your productivity or the productivity of your employees.
  • Test printing can be a hassle which would require multiple visits to the printing shop.
  • The financial information of a business has to be kept strictly confidential – however, if you have to scan and email your financial transactions to bank for a loan, you would have to reveal your monthly cash flow to the service provider first.

For businesses with higher printing requirements, an in-house printing solution can save time, money and allow them to maintain confidentiality. Investing in a printer is not only economical for your business, but can also be extremely convenient.

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