4 Print Security Tips Your Business Needs

Today’s office (and home office) printers are most likely network devices housing critical business data. They are also easy entry points for hackers looking to gain access. So, as a business, you have to make sure that your IT infrastructure includes print security.

Your printers and copiers, like the rest of your IT infrastructure, should be part of a monitor, manage, and protect plan. If your devices lack the appropriate security measures, you risk the financial, legal and reputation fallouts of a security breach.

To help you stay safe and secure from potentially disastrous risks, we have outlined 4 tips to ensure your printer fleet complies with basic print security protocols.

1. Invest in Reliable Print Security

When choosing a managed service provider, you would be best served by a full-service provider (equipment & IT) because they can help to ensure that your printer fleet integrates into your overall security controls and procedures. Your print environment can then be monitored, managed, and protected by your IT and office equipment provider.

2. Place Printers Behind a Firewall

A firewall is software that stands between your device and the internet to filter incoming and outgoing traffic. Make sure your network printers are behind your firewall and that you perform updates regularly. There are several levels of firewalls, so we encourage you to work with your internal or external IT team to find the best solution for your environment.

3. Implement Print Management Software

We encourage you to invest in print management software to track how and who is using your printers. Not only can this help you identify potential threats, but it can reduce cost in other areas of your business. It’s also extremely helpful to educate users on common security threats and print security best practices.

4. Limit Network Printing

Your business should only allow network printing if the commands come through your network router. This can be a bit tricky with remote work, which is why we recommend investing in managed services to ensure you and employees can print securely whether you’re in the office, on the go, or at home.

Contact Braden for Print Security Solutions

Braden is a full-service, office technology company. We provide office equipment, document and print management software and managed IT services. We work with companies and organizations to determine the security solutions that best fit their needs. Whether it’s one piece of the pie or a holistic approach, we’ll work with you to find the best possible solution. If you have questions regarding printer security, don’t hesitate to reach out.