Production Printer Guide: Which Machine is Right For Me?

Production Printer Guide: Which Machine is Right For Me?

Companies that conduct print jobs in high quantities, demand the high-speed and advanced functionality of of production printers. Production printers have many different applications and they are an important component for a variety of different industries. The range of a production printer depends on the make and the model and features wanted. This can make it tedious to figure out which production printer, is suitable for the type of production your business requires. Let us help you narrow down what you might need with a few key considerations.

What Are You Printing?

If you’re business is marketing, a production printer may be an obvious choice. However, many businesses are attempting to print their own marketing materials or client facing documents. If you’re printing high-quality flyers, booklets, pamphlets or small banners regularly then an upgrade to a production printer could be a wise choice. Not only will the quality of your print jobs be better, you will have a larger range of output methods available to you. If you need to print very large items, a wide format printer would be more ideal. What is the difference between a wide format printer and a production printer, we break it down for you in this article.

Print Volume?

Print volume is a major factor in your decision making. There’s a difference in needing 50 booklets and 1000. The volume will dictate the size and speed of the machine you should have to optimize your print output. Also consider future print needs. Do you think your needs will increase, decrease, or stay the same? If you opt for a machine that’s great right now, but won’t meet your expected future needs, you will find yourself researching a new machine sooner than you need to.


Production printers are more expensive than your typical multi-function printer. However, to find out what the ultimate cost is you need consider the machine price, maintenance. and the cost of consumables. Compare that cost to what you expect to pay to outsource your print jobs over the next five years (or desired lease term, for accurate comparison). Be sure to add-in the cost of wasted materials as well if you outsource. If one is significantly cheaper, that’s likely to be your best bet. If they are close, we encourage you to find out more information on upgrading your equipment.

Konica Minolta Production Printers

Konica Minolta production printers are best known for their speed and quality. They are available in a variety of sizes, capabilities, and price points to meet any company’s demand. Konica Minolta production printers range from lighter, lower cost printers to high-volume printers that can accomplish anything. No matter what your print requirements, Konica Minolta has the best production printer for your company’s needs.


We would love to help you customize a machine to your space and print requirements. Contact us today for more information.