Production vs. Wide-Format Printers

Production vs. Wide-Format Printers

Production vs. wide-format printers. Which one is right for you? If you’re reading this, then it’s safe to assume you care about the print quality of your projects. You want the end result to look exceptional and to portray your company in the most professional light. You also want to complete your jobs on time. For these things to happen, you need to use the right kind of printer for your business. So, we are going to discuss what a production printer is, what a wide-format printer is, and how they’re different.

What is a Production Printer?

Production printers are high-speed printers used for high-volume printing with the ability to output several different media types and finishing options such as booklets, pamphlets, and posters with binding, folding, hole punching, etc…

If your business is in need of professional-grade output on a tight deadline, production printers are a great fit. Often used in professional print shops, marketing agencies, and in-house marketing departments, these printers generally start out around 60 pages-per-minute (ppm), giving your business an edge on high-volume jobs. Find out if you’re business could benefit from in-house production print with our handy article: In-House Production Print Benefits.

What is a Wide-Format Printer?

Wide-format printers print on large paper, which can range from two to more than 15 feet in length. Printers with capacities over 100″ wide are considered ‘super wide’ or ‘grand format’. Wide-format printers typically use inkjet technology to print on a variety of output types, including premium glossy-coated paper for banners, posters, vehicle wraps, and construction plans.

Wide format printers are usually designed for printing onto a roll of print media that feeds incrementally during the print process, rather than onto individual sheets. These machines also allow you to vary the ink type depending on the nature of the product, which allows you to go from a fine art job to a latex job without compromising quality.

Do I Need a Production or Wide-Format Printer?

Choosing the right device (production vs. wide-format printers) for your business depends on your needs. Take a look at your printing agenda. Make note of the type of print jobs you carry out on a regular basis. Factor in speed, quality, and workload as some of your main concerns. Clearly understanding your print needs will help you decide between a production printer and a wide-format printer. Check out 5 printing Needs to Consider Before Purchasing New Equipment for more detail.


With print technology advancing every day, reading through printer specs can be intimidating to the average person. Let our print professionals guide you through the process.