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Professional Services

Keeping up with your organization’s technology requires constant research and learning. Staying with the same technology for long periods of time without investing in new tools that work better could lead towards a loss of your competitive edge. To help your business succeed, you have to price and acquire technologies. They say all businesses are in the technology business, and its true. We rely so much on technology that without tech strategies and management its easy to fall behind.

Braden Business Systems provides services specifically to reduce those burdens. We can help implement software that you’ve been eyeing for a while. We work to ease transitions with new hardware or software.

Mostly, Braden’s professional services set you up for success. We figure out the plan, and then we work right alongside you to make sure it all works, the way you want to work, moving forward. If managing technology is work you’re too busy or unwilling to do, Braden can take care of that for you.


Do you have a Chief Information Officer? If not, Braden can help with that too. We can provide a virtual chief information officer, or vCIO. This will be your guide through the multifaceted world of technology. Your vCIO will help you develop a strategy and solve problems as your business grows and changes over time. Your vCIO from Braden is a strategic leader who bridges the gap between your business and our IT people.

The vCIO is a strategic leader, and they have a lot to offer.

Technology Roadmap

This strategy outlines how your company will acquire and use technology moving forward. It includes technology changes, procurement, deployment, maintenance, and budgeting for the whole strategy.

IT Strategy and Planning

With IT strategy and planning, your vCIO partners with you to make sure you fully understand what your business needs. They then outline those needs in a plan that you can follow and even adjust as you see fit.

Business Analysis

With business analysis, the vCIO uses technology to help quantify business needs and assess how different strategies will impact the entire organization.

Vendor Management

Vendor management takes vendor contracting off of your plate. Your vCIO will work to find the best vendors, minimizing prices and optimizing reliability.

Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle management enables the vCIO to anticipate when devices will become obsolete so that a replacement strategy is in place long before lifecycle issues arise.

Policy and Procedure

The vCIO can help you craft or update policy and procedure, especially where it pertains to IT, security, and tech assets.


Hopefully, you already understand that cybersecurity is extremely important. Even if you do, you might underestimate how quickly the world of cybersecurity can change.
To put it bluntly, you need to update your security protocols, and you need to do it right now.

Unfortunately, most IT teams are overburdened, and they might not be up to the task. Get them some help.

Braden can build up your cybersecurity structure. When it’s in place, they can hand the reins over to your IT time, saving them countless hours and frustration along the way. A handful of services help Braden fast-track your data protection:

  • Cyber strategy & roadmap
  • Risk and vulnerability management
  • Assessment
  • Attack and penetration testing
  • Remediation services


Professional services extend well beyond cybersecurity. While Braden keeps you safe, we can also take on hardware and software projects like networking. We can update old software and hardware that might be slowing your business down a bit, and we can upgrade you to the latest technology.

Everything will run faster, and you’ll benefit from those improvements right away. We can even break this process into two easy steps.


With assessment, we review the current state of your network and technology. We’ll find any bottlenecks that are impacting performance, and we’ll use our assessment to draft a networking plan for you to review.


When you settle on a networking strategy, we will replace hardware and software as needed to get your network up to speed, literally.

M & A

Few things are as exciting as mergers and acquisitions. For your business to get to this point is a major achievement, and it feels great.

But, M&A transitions don’t always go smoothly. There’s a lot to work out, and until you figure out some of the key details, this pinnacle moment comes with a lot of stress.

With Braden on your side, we can speed up and simplify the merger and acquisition process by assessing the software and hardware needs required to go into a new location or business. We’ll also craft a plan that will help you succeed.

  • Technology assessment of the business being acquired. It’s a great starting point. Presumably, we already know your technology situation. We’ll run an assessment on the other business to see how it will impact the transition.
  • Execution of implementation of new hardware/software, or migrating the acquired business into yours. Based on the assessment, we will follow the approved plan to update and upgrade software and hardware as needed for the new business (or yours, if necessary).
  • Transition to ensure day-to-day operations are successful. We will build up IT infrastructure to ensure the newly merged business has the resources needed to support day-to-day operations.

Builds and Upgrades

When you take on a new location or commit to updates at a current spot, it’s easy to miss a few things, especially in technology.

Braden can provide an objective vantage that can help clear the way for new strategies and technologies that you might not have considered before.

The Braden team is dedicated to finding hardware and software that can make your life easier. When you work with Braden, you get dedicated resources that will help you transition your workspace faster and easier. Just take a look at a handful of areas of focus that we will cover:

  • Servers
  • Network
  • Workstations
  • Storage
  • Conferencing Website

Cloud Migration

Cloud services are essential to virtually all business operations these days. Good cloud services protect data and make it much easier to share and collaborate online. But, not all cloud services are equal, and some are even more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Braden has the experience to move your team to the cloud quickly and securely.


Your business needs tools to get the job done. We can help you find the right tools for your business and its operations with our procurement services. Our team has the experience to know what tools are best, and we’ll share that knowledge and experience with you.

Hardware and Software

These are the fundamentals, and we’ll walk you through a tour of hardware and software to help you find the perfect equipment for your organization.

Cloud Consumption

We’ll set you up with cloud resources that are secure and reliable.


For some businesses, Service as a Software offers long-term solutions that can update and grow right there with your business.

End-User Devices

We can also help with the procurement of personal computers, smartphones, tablets, and other end-user devices that your employees need in order to succeed.

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