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Builds and Upgrades

A business that stops moving, learning, and growing probably doesn’t have long left. Staying competitive in the business world can be tough, and if you’re going to keep up, much less stay ahead, you need resources that can help.

Braden Business Systems can help by keeping you on top of hardware and software upgrades for your company. Sometimes, the upgrades are large and revolutionize operations. Many other times, they are surgical and minimize disruption.

Either way, Braden aims to provide an outside, expert opinion that expands your ability to thrive.

Build a Better Infrastructure with Braden

Whether you have a small business that is just getting started or an enterprise operation, you need a sound IT infrastructure to handle all of your technology.

The professionals at Braden can set you up for success. We’ll take care of upgrading and building, and we’ll work with you on an effective timeline. Our goal is to partner with you to help you through this process.

Compliance Management Offered by Braden

In order to provide full-scale upgrade services, Braden breaks it all down into smaller chunks. Below are the primary areas we tackle with our upgrade services.


Servers are essential workhorses, and they need to be maintained and expanded upon to keep up with your workload. At Braden, we map out equipment life cycles so that we can plan server transitions that minimize downtime.


As your business grows, so too will your network. Our network upgrades are designed to stay ahead of company growth so that you can avoid devastating bottlenecks and can always keep up with the number of users on your network.


We can help you set up, maintain, and upgrade workstations so that everyone in the organization has access to quality equipment. Whether you prioritize individual devices or central login servers, we’re equipped to keep you running optimally.


Braden also supplies managed print services. With this, you can minimize printing costs while maintaining your ability to supply paper copies of documents, receipts as needed. Printing services cover equipment sourcing, maintenance, and planning.


With storage, we will ensure that you have more than enough hardware to store all of your company’s important files, with redundancy. We’ll also work out a recovery plan so that you won’t be out of action for long if something does disrupt your data access. A robust recovery plan can have you up and running within hours of a catastrophic event. Without one, recovery could be indefinite.


Telecommuting is here to stay. Every business has to tackle it at some point, and we can help. We’ll set you up with conferencing resources that make telecommuting more efficient. Those same resources can help you conduct business meetings with third parties while saving tons of money on travel expenses.


You need a great company website, and we’ll build it for you. We’ll even implement search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to make your website highly visible to prospects. These services can increase traffic to the website alongside conversion rates, transaction sizes, and the overall success of the website.

What Is a Client Success Manager?

A key to success when working with Braden is the individual client success manager. When you partner with us, we will assign one of these managers to your account. The manager will oversee any project we do for you, and they will be the bridge for the gap between our people and yours.

The client success manager is your advocate and agent in this partnership, and they are committed to helping you get the most possible out of each of our services. They can help you explore individual services to help gauge potential value. They can work with your existing IT personnel to strategize around the best allocations of Braden resources.

Most importantly, they can demystify anything that isn’t perfectly clear to you. The client success manager is intended to be your most reliable asset when you work with Braden.

Contract Braden for Building and Upgrading Your Technology

Braden can strategize, procure, deploy, maintain, and upgrade your builds. We already have the tools and people to take care of you. Contact us today and talk to us about your business. We’ll make tailored recommendations that can help you thrive through better technology.

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