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According to one recent study, about 64% of all organizations have faced some type of cybersecurity attack throughout their history. Another study conducted by IBM in association with the Ponemon Institute revealed that in 2021, the average consolidated cost of a single cyber incident rose from $3.86 million the previous year to a staggering $4.24 million. This is when all costs are considered including fixing the vulnerability that was exploited, the value of any data that was compromised and the long-term damage to a company’s reputation.

If you needed just a few statistics to underline the importance of taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity, let it be those ones.

Businesses in virtually every industry you can think of are learning the hard way that security events are no longer a matter of “if” but “when.” Truly, there is no company “too small” to avoid the attention of those with malicious intentions. If you do not practice or plan for what would happen in the event that you should become a target, you’ll certainly be confused about what to do if, and when that unfortunate day does arrive.

At Braden Business Systems, our team of passionate, experienced, and professional cybersecurity experts can help make sure you have the right cybersecurity solutions in place today – all so that your company can operate as safely, as securely and as reliably as possible tomorrow, six months from now and beyond.

Can Your Company Qualify for Cybersecurity Insurance?

One of the biggest mistakes that many organizational leaders make involves the decision to not invest in cybersecurity solutions and best practices at all. Instead, they choose to rely on their cybersecurity insurance coverage to back them up if there is some type of issue.

The problem with this is that most cybersecurity insurance companies (much like insurance companies in general) are not actually operating under this practice anymore. Instead, they are demanding that more is done on the company’s end to make sure that they’re working in the most secure environment possible. Many have discovered that they can’t qualify for coverage, or that their premiums have doubled or even tripled since the last time they purchased such a policy. This is because, from the perspective of the insurance companies, if you haven’t taken proactive steps to protect yourself, your business is considered high risk and the insurance provider will act accordingly.

At Braden, we aim to help you get up to speed on all of the latest cybersecurity tools that you need to qualify for such an insurance policy. At the very least, we’ll work hard to put you in a stronger position than you were before you had insurance to begin with.

Why You Need a Cybersecurity Solution

One recent study revealed that in 2022, there will be one ransomware attack that occurs every 11 seconds. Keep in mind that this is not counting all of the other forms of attacks that can take place like intrusion attempts or the thousands upon thousands of other malware strands that are out there right now.

All of this underlines the ultimate reason why you need a cybersecurity solution – because for as beneficial as the Internet is to your business, it can also be quite dangerous if left unchecked. The right cybersecurity solution – one that is designed with your unique business in mind – can help give you a fighting chance at avoiding this type of devastation altogether.

Prevent Cyber Crimes

With sophisticated intrusion detection, network scanning and similar tools, you can quickly identify suspicious activity before a rogue actor has a chance to strike. This puts you in a better position to put a stop to it now before it has a chance to become a much bigger (not to mention more expensive) problem later on.

Protection for Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has done wonders for the productivity of workers everywhere, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be exploited. The benefit of cloud storage is that you can access data anywhere, at any time and on virtually any device. This also significantly increases your attack surface if left unchecked.

Prevent Harm to Your Business

Another recent study indicated that a massive 60% of all small companies in particular will shutter their doors permanently within just six months of a cyber attack. This is ultimately the most important reason why you need a cybersecurity solution – it can help prevent harm to your business in a way that preserves everything that you’ve already worked so hard to build.

What Is Included in Braden’s Cybersecurity Solution?

At Braden, we offer robust cybersecurity solutions that are custom-built with your business in mind. Some of the features that are available include, but are certainly not limited to, ones like:

Cyber Strategy and Roadmap

Never forget that no two companies are created in quite the same way. If you took a look at your closest competitor, they might have a very different risk profile than yours, meaning that there is no “one size fits all” approach to cybersecurity. The team at Braden will sit down with you to discuss not just the right strategy you need for protection, but will also create an actionable plan to help make that strategy a reality.

Risk and Vulnerability Management

The types of cyber risks that you face will not just be unique to your industry; they’ll be unique to your business as well. Therefore, Braden will continually monitor all network activities to identify potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited so that we can put a stop to them as soon as possible.


A cybersecurity assessment is an ideal way to understand the true situation behind any business. We’ll take a look at what you’re currently doing in terms of protection, in order to figuring out what is working and, more importantly, what isn’t. At that point, we’ll be able to fortify your defenses with innovative solutions in a way that takes the burden off of you and your staff.

Attack and Penetration Testing

There’s an old saying in IT that reminds us: “you can’t improve what you’re not testing.” It’s one thing to deploy state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions, and it’s another thing entirely to make sure they’re working as they should. Attack and penetration testing will replicate the common types of attacks you’re likely to face in a safe environment, all so that we can help keep your defenses as strong as they need to be.

Remediation Services

At Braden, out cybersecurity remediation services are designed to identify new threats as they emerge, all so that we can help make sure they aren’t issues that you have to worry about any longer.

Contact Braden for Cybersecurity Solutions

All told, one of the most important things to understand about modern day cybersecurity is that things have gotten to the point where you likely can’t prevent your company from becoming a target for hackers. But what you can do is use cybersecurity solutions to prevent your business from becoming a victim, which is ultimately the most important benefit of all.

If you’d like to find out more information about our cybersecurity solutions, or if you’d just like to discuss any questions you may have with a team of passionate experts, please don’t delay. Contact Braden today.

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