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Mergers and Acquisitions

You’re planning an acquisition? Congratulations! That’s a major achievement, and it means great things for your company.

As you certainly know, there’s a lot involved with a successful merger or acquisition, and you’re going to need help on the technology front.

Braden Business Systems is equipped to help you. We have the experience to foresee a lot of the potential issues that are in store for your merger. We want to provide transitional help to get everyone on the same page and create a fluid merger that minimizes pain and disruption.


To begin the process, Braden will perform an assessment on both companies. This allows us to tally technical assets and build a customized strategy around what is already in place (and potentially what is lacking).

This is a deep look. We’ll review all of their IT assets. We’ll look at their strategy, staffing sizes, responsibilities, organizational structure, and more. With this deep look, we can fully review how the technical assets of each company compare. We will use that to formulate a robust strategy that leverages the combined assets in a way that is efficient and effective.
This allows us to give you a strong estimate of the IT cost of your merger and what work priorities are essential to success. Without an assessment, moving forward with a merger is taking shots in the dark. When you work with Braden you can eliminate a lot of guesswork and unexpected obstacles that are forthcoming.


Once the plan is in place, Braden’s resources will see it through. We can manage software implementation, hardware installation, and IT services assessments. We will create an action team to do essential work during the merger, and we will provide a timeline for a successful merger. We’ll also work to keep the process within that timeline.

The full range of execution may include training services, strategic planning, upgrading systems, extensive backup and recovery deployment, and much more. The idea is that we will create robust safety procedures before the merger completely disrupts the existing IT infrastructure.

Once backups are in place, then it’s a matter of following the plan for a smooth transition.


We’ll work with everyone from both teams, organizing a solid workflow that helps with the transition. We’ll also supply training and best practices resources that ensure everyone knows how the new systems will work.

This process is as much about management as it is technology, and we will gladly take point on that management. With our experience, we can anticipate disruption and prevent it through careful personnel management. When everyone on every team is kept in the loop and outfitted for success, transitions can be remarkably comfortable.


A smooth transition is great, but it’s not the end of any merger. For long-term success, you need a reliable follow-up procedure.

Follow-up ideas will be included in the merger plan, and they will allow us to check in with IT personnel and double-check the systems that are in place. We can ensure that business operations post-transition are still running in an effective and healthy way.

How we follow up will largely depend on you. As we said before, you are a pivotal part of the planning stages, and we’ll make sure that you are comfortable with and confident in our follow-up plan as much as any other aspect of the merger.

Braden Has the Experience to Help Your Merger Go Smoothly

Braden has the resources to do the work necessary for a good transition. We also have a lot of experience in this field, which is arguably more valuable.

We’ll use our experience to head off problems before they emerge. We’ll diligently plan with both parties to map out the best possible path to a finalized merger. When you work with Braden, you’ll have a confident partner with experience to lead the way.

Many companies go into a merger without realizing the full scope of what they’re taking on. While the business you’re merging with may utilize the same software, you might find out that they’re hardware is outdated. Many companies overlook the expenses they take on during a merger and find themselves taking on an unexpected amount of tech debt they are never able to recover from.

This is how a meger leads to the demise of sucessful businesses; they take on more debt than they initially realized.

When you work with Braden, we give you a thorough understanding of the path ahead to find out if its worth your investment. We give you the tools to see the costs and risks associated with your potential merger or acquisition.

Contact Braden for Merger & Acquisition Services

If you’re planning a merger or acquisition, contact Braden today. Let us help you with assessments and planning, and allow us to alleviate some of the workloads that come with this transition. In a single conversation, we can help cover some of the major topics and help you move forward with the resources you need.

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