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Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO)

Every business is in the technology business. Even if you don’t sell services that are made with software or hardware, you probably use modern technology to track customer data, set up employee workstations, generate invoices, and keep inventory. As your business grows and expands, so do your technology needs. While it’s exciting to be in a place where your business can develop more, many businesses overlook how their technology strategy will develop as they take on more customers, employees, or locations. A vCIO from Braden is your partner in business growth and provides the comprehensive technology strategies to help you build your pathway to success.

Braden Business Systems wants our customers to succeed. That’s why every customer, no matter the size of their business, is offered a specialized vCIO to help them navigate the path toward better technology. A vCIO takes the digital transformation process off your shoulders so you can focus on running your business the way you want to. Whether it’s helping you find new tools to get business done faster, implementing new operations with your team, or finding and fixing holes in your process, a vCIO can help make it all happen. The personalized attention, dedication, and detailed communication that you get from Braden will make all the difference. We have the experience to guide you through your company’s growth, let’s succeed together.

What Is a vCIO?

A Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) is in charge of IT implementation and strategy within an organization. You may hire a vCIO independently to help with your existing IT system or as a part of a service plan by an MSP. These leaders will meet with you several times throughout the year to talk about strategic planning and rolling out these new technological initiatives moving forward.

Your vCIO will help you with some of the following technology services:

  • Technology Roadmap – A strategy that outlines how your company will acquire and use technology moving forward. It includes the budgeting for new technology, technology changes, implementation, deployment, and maintenance.
  • IT Strategy & Planning – A vCIO will work to understand your business goals and craft a strategy to find the right technology for your business, and plan to implement it.
  • Business Analysis – An in depth business analysis will discover technology gaps and foresee future obstacles that will need to be addressed.
  • Vendor Management – Your vCIO will work to find the best vendors, minimizing prices, and optimizing reliability.
  • Policy and Procedure – Your vCIO has the experience to craft policy and procedure, especially where it pertains to your tech assets and IT security.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Virtual Chief Information Officer?

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from having a vCIO. A vCIO generally takes on the same responsibilities a CIO would take on, but with an experienced lens to guide IT and technology needs within your business. Many small to medium sized businesses may choose to rely on a vCIO heavily to make sure their business is on the right track.

In larger organizations, a CIO or COO can work alongside the vCIO. A vCIO will help with the execution of strategy for an organization, as well as bridge the gap between an organization and Braden staff to accomplish the organization’s goals. If you have a CIO for your organization currently, they probably have their hands full with a lot of other tasks. A vCIO specifically focuses on the technology aspect of your business and helps take a heavy weight off their shoulders. Our vCIOs are experienced and knowledgeable to foresee issues that are hurting your IT strategy. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see what your business is missing and how it compares to others.

Why Trust Braden for Your Company’s IT Services?

Braden has helped many businesses throughout the Midwest and beyond grow. We have a lot of experience with building technology strategies that you can leverage to gain a competitive advantage. The world of technology is constantly changing and updating and its hard to stay on top of new policies, upgrades, and best practices. An experienced vCIO can help with a variety of services throughout your company’s lifetime like mergers and acquisitions, cybersecurity strategy, and networking. Having a strong plan before you move forward with any of these processes can help ensure the speed of your development, qualify for cybersecurity insurance, and keep your strategy focused.

As a business owner, you have a lot to take care of already. Splitting your focus on both your business and technology can cause an uneven balance in your company’s development. Braden is here to be your experienced partner to provide the time and resources to be dedicated to your technology needs.

Braden partners with clients, like you, to keep you up to date, informed, and protected. Braden also keeps you in the loop with all decisions and strategies related to your business growth from a technology standpoint. It’s a genuine partnership where you get the resources you need to protect your organization.

Let a vCIO Help Your Company Reach Its Business Goals

The implementation of managed IT services in your company brings a variety of benefits to your business, but the driving force behind all those benefits is the guidance of the virtual chief information officer. The vCIO will provide you with the roadmap that ensures your network infrastructure and your technology systems work with your business to reach growth and success. Technology will always be adapting and changing, so it’s important to have someone on your team dedicated to implementing the emerging technologies that can help your business improve. Call Braden today to learn more about how a vCIO can help your team.

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