Scanning Solutions are Like an Apple a Day for Healthcare Providers

The old adage says “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and studies have found that consuming apples on a daily basis is indeed likely to have a positive impact on your health and well being. Healthcare providers have found scanning solutions to provide a similar benefit to their record keeping systems. Subsequently, more and more organizations within the healthcare industry are taking a bite of this technology and turning toward a digital transformation of their filing systems and record archiving.

Scanning solutions make it simple for healthcare providers to transform their paper-based environment into a digital one, through the conversion of paper documents such as patient records, prescriptions, physician orders, and referrals to electronic versions. While scanning may seem like a relatively simple technology, capturing digital images of your paper files enables healthcare providers to take advantage of powerful and robust electronic medical records (ERM) or enterprise content management (ECM) solutions. With your paper charts and records stored electronically, you can utilize an ERM or ECM software solution to access and archive your data, instead of digging through file folders and filing cabinets. Accessing patient information—what was once a once a tedious, time-consuming chore—can be done within a matter of seconds by searching through a digital database.

Document conversion via scanning solutions makes it easier for both healthcare employees and patients to make their way through healthcare systems. Patients can quickly and easily obtain information contained within their medical records no matter their location. Healthcare workers can provide more timely service for patients with the elimination of lost or misplaced records. Providers can store massive volumes of files digitally in a fraction of the amount of space their paper counterparts would take up—at a lower cost—while ensuring HIPAA compliance.

By digitizing your patient records though a scanning solution and integrating them into an ERM or ECM system, healthcare providers are able to:
• Increase the efficiency of your workflows
• Improve the accuracy and integrity of your records
• Eliminate bottlenecks
• Reduce the amount of time necessary to locate files
• Enhance your customer service
• Control costs
• Decrease the amount of space needed to store records
• Tighten security
• Ensure confidentiality

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