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Risk Management

Cybersecurity risk management is all about detecting vulnerabilities in your systems before they are exploited by malicious actors. Proper risk management lowers incidences of incursion, data theft, and ransomware, all while keeping solutions efficient and cost-effective. Starting with a security audit, risk management services from Braden Business Systems look at every angle where your business can be vulnerable and then provides actionable solutions for each issue.

Benefits of Risk Management Services from Braden

One of the primary advantages of risk management services from Braden is a direct decrease in business disruptions. Risk management anticipates problems so they can be alleviated before they cause downtime or other disruptions to primary services.
Everyone knows that downtime is a financial killer. When pervasive enough, downtime can even destroy an entire business. Braden’s risk management helps you avoid financial losses that can range from mildly inconvenient to catastrophic.

Risk Management Services from Braden

Braden’s risk management services can be broken into five components: compliance, insider risk management, program development, risk automation & reporting, and third-party risk management. Each has unique elements that offer direct benefits to your organization.
Combined, they provide a holistic approach to risk management that dramatically improves your security prospects across the board. These services don’t just protect you from digital harm. They also protect you from regulatory burdens, financial losses, downtime, theft/fraud, and countless other problems that can stem from insufficient cybersecurity.


Compliance services ensure that you are following regulations to the letter. This avoids government fines or even shutdowns related to compliance failures.
A perfect example is HIPAA. The regulations make clear how files are supposed to be stored and shared. Any failure to abide by these rules can result in hefty fines and even the shutdown of a business. Compliance management prevents these outcomes.

Insider Risk Management

According to Forbes, somewhere around 36 percent of data breaches are driven by internal actors. An organization’s members are often the greatest threat, and it’s a difficult problem to solve.
Insider risk management assesses how members could or would foster an attack (whether deliberately or not) and how to defend against such a problem. If you want to prevent a major data breach, insider risk management is essential.

Program Development

With program development, Braden can make specific tools for your organization that help with unique problems. Programs can fill in gaps in your cybersecurity, help employees behave a little more responsibly, improve threat monitoring, or do just about anything else needed.
Program development is where customized solutions live, and it’s an essential component of total security.

Risk Automation & Reporting

With risk automation, threat detection tools can identify dangerous behavior in real time. That behavior is documented, and the reports help both you and your security team understand threats in order to make calculated responses.

Risk automation can be deployed as needed throughout your organization, providing robust monitoring and security. Reporting is also customizable, so you can receive security information in palatable chunks that are easy to understand and utilize.

Third-Party Risk Management

Insider risk management is important, but most organizations also work with third parties, and the same level of risk management is necessary for these relationships too. Third parties often have more access to your systems and data than you might expect, and whether intended or not, their actions can bring danger to your systems.

Third-party risk management doesn’t just monitor these threats; it provides action plans to resolve them before they lead to disaster.

Why Partner with Braden for Risk Management Services?

Braden keeps up to date with protocols to ensure ultra-modern techniques and tools are working for your security. Braden resources also unload responsibilities from your current IT team, freeing them to work on other projects.

Braden partners with clients, like you, to keep you up to date, informed, and protected. Braden also keeps you in the loop with all decisions and strategies related to your security. It’s a genuine partnership where you get the resources you need to protect your organization.

Contact Braden for Risk Management Services

Braden is here and ready to help you move forward with risk management. Contact us today, and we’ll discuss your organization and how Braden can help. You will get customized plans and solutions that tailor to how your organization operates while maximizing the security potential for all of your IT systems.

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