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Threat Management

Threat management is a proactive approach to cybersecurity. It is a framework that develops insights into current threat behavior by maintaining visibility in the landscape. Threat management uses various detection methods to identify and investigate potential threats. When necessary, companies practicing threat management respond to threats through automated actions.

When it comes to developing a threat management strategy, you don’t have to go in alone. Braden Business Systems is here to guide your team to develop and provide a threat management strategy to propel your business forward.

How Does Threat Management Services Benefit Your Company?

Threat management consolidates protection under a single umbrella making it easier to identify and protect vulnerable data. Companies have better insight into the threat landscape for more comprehensive protection. Threat management goes hand-in-hand with cyber strategy development to build a system that secures digital assets.

Threat management solutions benefit organizations of all sizes by:

  • Consolidating data for a better understanding of potential threats.
  • Responding faster to possible incidents to minimize damage.
  • Proactively preventing potential threats through training and tool deployment.

These capabilities create an added layer of protection that prevents attacks before they happen.

Threat Management Services from Braden Business Systems

We incorporate a range of services under our threat management umbrella to ensure the broadest security protections across your enterprise. Our services include the following:

Pen Testing

Penetration testing is designed to simulate a cyberattack against your network to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities. We employ ethical hackers to attempt to breach a system while others try to prevent the attack from being successful. Pen tests operate at different levels. For example, external hackers identify a possible vulnerability and work with the internal defenders to eliminate the weakness. Pen tests are designed to identify vulnerabilities that would allow hackers to penetrate a system.

Attack Simulation

Attack simulations can be viewed as the most extreme pen test. In these simulations, external or internal individuals attempt to breach the system while staff work to prevent the compromise in real-time. It helps staff learn how to respond to an attempt, so they are better prepared if an attack should occur.

Incident Readiness and Response

Part of security planning involves developing procedures on how to respond to a cyber incident beginning with an organization’s readiness to identify a possible attack. The NIST framework breaks down the incident readiness and response process into the following steps:

  • Preparation
  • Detection
  • Containment
  • Eradication
  • Recovery

Organizations should have documented procedures on how to respond to a cyber incident and a training program to help prepare for a potential event.

Ransomware Protection

Anti-ransomware tools exist to block ransomware from entering a system. These may involve advanced email scanners that check more than just the sender or an attachment. They may check for questionable links embedded in emails. Other options include advanced firewall capabilities, endpoint detection, and zero-trust architecture.

Remediation Services

At Braden, our cybersecurity remediation services are designed to identify new threats as they emerge, all so that we can help make sure they aren’t issues that you have to worry about any longer.

Threat Intelligence

The only thing more prevalent than cybercrime is the information about it. Threat intelligence is the information that is collected from various sources and is used to protect against possible attacks.

Why Trust Braden for Your Company’s Threat Management Services

Braden’s threat management services are one in a list of security and compliance services available to our clients. We have partnered with organizations since 1989 to deliver state-of-the-art solutions for business growth. With over 20 years of experience throughout the Midwest, our staff understands the unique business environment of mid-America.

Ultimately, companies partner with us because we understand that technology is about people. It is deploying solutions that enable employees to be productive. Through a consistent delivery of services, Braden Business Systems helps businesses accelerate growth and drive value through increased agility. Whether it is helping businesses stay in compliance or defending against a cyber threat, our team of cybersecurity and compliance professionals will work to ensure you are protected.

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