Service & Maintenance Contract for Copier | What to Know

Do I need a Service & Maintenance Contract for My New Copier?

You’re ready to lease a new copier, but you’re wondering “why do I need the service & maintenance contract the provider is offering?’ It’s a common question, probably our most common question, followed by…

What is the advantage of an agreement?

What is included in the contract?

How much does the service & maintenance contract cost?

Will this agreement save me money?

We are going to address these questions here o you can see why we recommend a service & maintenance contract with most of our leases.

What is a Service & Maintenance Agreement?

A service & maintenance agreement is an additional coverage you purchase for the copier or printer you are planning to lease. It’s sort of like an insurance policy for copiers. If your machine ever breaks down, you have a certified service team you can call. But it gets better! It’s not just about service, it’s also about replacing your consumables, like toner, on a regular basis. It’s designed to be a hassle-free contract that allows you to focus on your business and not maintaining your new copier or printer.

What is the advantage?

The primary advantage is that when you choose a service & maintenance contract, you’re putting most of the responsibility of the upkeep of the machine on your provider. Often, when your machine is not part of a maintenance contract, issues like constant paper jams become something you just deal with to avoid paying for service.

What is Included in the Contract?

Like most contracts, there is always room to negotiate based on your needs. However, there are a few things you should find in every contract:

  • Labor and materials required for repairs and service calls
  • Part replacements (drums, fusers, etc…)
  • Regular equipment maintenance
  • Toner supply

Other features that can be included are training for your staff and a max number of copies before charging overages. For example, a contract may cover staff training at install and 2,000 copies a month.

There are always caveats and exclusions to the contract as well. Each provider may be slightly different so make sure you know, for example, if all parts are covered or just those under warranty. Ask for specifics.

Additionally, these contracts do not usually include consumables like paper and staples. Equipment issues that result from something other than normal, proper usage may not be covered either.

Please don’t kick the printer if it’s jammed!

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What is the Cost/Savings of Contract?

The cost of a service and maintenance contract is based on several factors that are likely to be different from business to business. You will want to evaluate your needs and we can help you with a more accurate cost comparison at that point.

What we can tell you is that you will save money with a contract in a few different ways.

  1. Utilizing a contract allows your business to budget better because you have an expected cost each month and no unexpected service fees.
  2. Toner costs are often cheaper through a contract (and delivered when you need them). No more forgetting to place an order and having to run down to the nearest office supply store.
  3. There is no research on who to call if the printer has an issue and at Braden, our response time to a service call is an average of 2.4 hours. Less downtime means getting back to work quicker.

Is a Service & Maintenance Agreement right for my business?

This one is up to you to answer, but you should feel comfortable discussing the options with your prospective provider. Our job at Braden is not just to sell you a machine with a contract and be done. We are here to optimize your business processes and help you grow. You should find a solution with a provider that accomplishes that.