Meet Tait S — Chief Operating Officer

Name: Tait S.

Title: Chief Operating Officer


  • What are you most looking forward to in the new building?
    I have been through several space changes before, including new construction, and there’s always a new invigoration with staff that happens that is great to be part of. I know many of us are also looking forward to being in the middle of the new vitality happening in downtown Fishers.


  • How will the new building help you continue to be successful in your position?
    The added available space will allow us to bring our entire IT team all together in one shared space, and the new Network Operations Center will provide our technical staff with a cutting-edge space to work in, and serve clients from. The added amenities like open collaborative spaces and added conference rooms will be great too.


  • What is the best thing about working for Braden?
    Probably the teamwork, and impromptu group-think sessions. If an issue arises, the agility of having a quick meeting to build a solid response plan with consensus is effective and builds relationships between staff. I’m a communicator so I enjoy being able to collaborate in that way.


  • What is one thing about your role that most people don’t know?
    Probably that I also serve as a vCIO and executive account manager for some of our larger clients. I really enjoy the consulting and strategic planning collaboration with clients to solve complex challenges, as well as working directly with business leaders and stakeholders.


  • Fun Fact about you:
    I play a mean blues harmonica. I was traveling a lot in a prior role and purchased a harmonica and learned to play just using YouTube videos. All of the sudden it just clicked and I was out playing with bands in just a few months with a suitcase full of harmonicas and microphones.

Tait, thank you for your dedication to effective strategic solutions and positive growth for those you serve at Braden!