Education Technology Solutions for Your School District

In order for your school to function smoothly and efficiently, it needs top-of-the-line equipment and software. That’s why Braden only works with the best software providers such as Konica Minolta, Kyocera, and Papercut. Our education technology solutions for schools are designed to simplify and automate workflow processes, allowing you to focus on the growth of your students while reducing costs.

For Our Schools, We Focus on 4 Key Areas:

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Innovative Hardware

With education technology options such as Multi-Functional Printers (MFPs), Promethean Boards, standalone printers, duplicators and more, we’re able to meet more than just your printing needs.

Industry-Leading Service

Braden’s Service department is efficient and knowledgeable. Our average response time is 2.4 hours, which is crucial to keeping your school system functioning at its best. But this isn’t a new development. Braden has been delivering these fast response times for over 30 years. Additionally, both Konica and Kyocera offer proactive maintenance software, which means we could know there is an issue before you alert us.

Time-Saving Software

With software specifically designed for schools and other educational institutions, you can streamline your workflows. Each brand (Konica & Kyocera) offers unique software solutions for your most important needs. Our Account Managers can help you decide which products will work best with your school environment.

Professional IT Services

The Braden IT team provides a full range of managed services, consulting services, technical assistance, and access to industry-certified experts. We’ll help you maintain a secure network whether we supplement your internal staff or directly oversee your IT.

Software Solutions:

PaperCut (Konica & Kyocera)

  • Find Me Printing feature
  • Easy mobile and BYOD printing
  • Secure release of print jobs at the device
  • Track costs by user or department
  • Scan documents to email, folder, or cloud destination

Bizhub VCare (Konica)

  • Remote support with real-time malfunction alerts
  • Coverage rate, page counts, and service history
  • Automated meter collection
  • Proactive monitoring of consumable parts

Kyocera Fleet Services

  • Remote monitoring of supply levels and device usage
  • Real-time diagnostics and alerts
  • Detailed analysis of device usage
  • Fewer on-site service visits

SchoolGate Guardian (Konica)

  • Visitor tracking with time-expiring visitor ID badges
  • Tardy student tracking
  • Approved pick-up lists
  • Unwanted visitor registry
  • Mass alerts in event of an emergency

Bizhub Secure Platinum (Konica)

  • 20-digit, secure password to lock HDD
  • Encrypt Bizhub HDD for data security
  • Temporary Data Overwrite
  • Timed, auto-deletion of content in user boxes, documents, and folders
  • Enable MFP audits

Teaching Assistant (Kyocera)

  • Teaching Assistant works on the MFP; no server or PC is required
  • Bubble sheets and answer keys print on plain paper
  • Test sheets can be scanned directly into the MFP for grading
  • Test summary and detailed reports

Contact Braden for Educational Technology Solutions

Start next school year on the right foot by assessing your printing environment, your workflow processes, and your IT and digital infrastructure today. If you need guidance in any of these areas, we are more than happy to help! We work with several school systems in the Indianapolis and Chicago areas, and we’re prepared with solutions to fit your school districts. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.