The True Cost of Switching Print Service Providers

Switching print service providers is no easy task and many companies are likely to put it off because they believe it will be an arduous process. They often wonder things like:

  • Are we ready to research new providers?
  • Will a new provider fix the current issues?
  • Is it worth it to retrain staff?
  • What’s the monetary cost/savings?

Of course, these are excellent and relevant questions you should ask yourself before making a large business decision. However, you shouldn’t let it scare you off from considering a switch. Updating your equipment is more than just getting a new printer, it’s about updating your workflow processes as well. Many printers come with built-in capabilities that can save your company additional time and money.

All Print Service Providers Are Not Created Equal

There are many reasons you may be unhappy with your current provider. Many of these complaints are enough of an issue to consider switching.

  • Poor Service-Is your current provider is always running late?  Delayed service costs you time and money.  Is your service contract lacking, do you even have a service contract?
  • Poor Account Management– Does your account manager stay in contact with you even if all is going well. A sign of a good provider is one that is invested in your business.
  • Cost- How much are you spending on printing and service? Surprisingly, many companies are paying more than they should be for the value the receive.
  • Outdated Equipment-If it’s time for an upgrade, it’s a great time to shop around for better deals, equipment offerings, and workflow options.

At the end of the day, creating a list of reasons your current provider isn’t meeting expectations or where you see opportunities for increased efficiency, is a great place to start. You’ll have a solid idea of why you want to switch and what to look for in another provider.

Choosing Braden for your print services

Often, customers who choose Braden for their print services are looking for a responsive service department, updated equipment, and better workflow opportunities. Customers are always happy to learn our service department consistently provides high customer satisfaction, an average response time of 2 1/2 hours and a fully-stocked warehouse in Fishers, Ind.

Additionally, we offer new equipment to meet the specific needs of your business and we have an account manager who specializes in document solutions to take your workflow to the next level.

How will the switch work?

During initial conversations, we will identify the equipment best suited to your business and any workflow upgrades that may benefit you. We will tailor a package based on those needs and your budget.

Then, depending on the contract, we may buyout a 3rd party lease and return ship that equipment for you or pick-up any old equipment that you own. We will get you set up with an install date as soon as possible and the service team will provide on-site training that day.

Your account manager will follow-up after the install and address any questions you might have. Moving forward, we will stay in touch and make sure you’re happy with your equipment and help keep you ahead of the curve as your business grows and changes.

Contact us today for more information!