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Document Automation

When you’re running a business, the last thing you want to worry about is your document processes. Whether you realize it or not, your business is wasting precious resources on inefficient workflows, unmanaged document output, and disorganized paper processes. Document automation software can help streamline workflows, eliminate repetitive work, make document assembly easier, and make documents easier to find.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, using document automation processes to streamline workflows can make your life a lot easier. Upgrading your current paper-based filing system to a digital solution streamlines access to business documents and allows for smooth, accurate, and rapid information flow.

How Does Document Automation Work?

Think about every proposal, brief, or invoice you’ve sent to clients. A lot of them probably contain the same information. Instead of having your employees re-write these documents manually, you can integrate document automation software to help create documents for you.

Document automation uses logic based systems that use pre-existing text or data to create a new document. Document automation software can also automate conditional text, data contained within documents, and variable text. This software can generate documents from template documents and collect data for reports from other documents, so you aren’t collecting all of this information by hand.

These intelligent templates can be changed easily based on your needs. You are not locked into a firm template, so you can still create free form letters and other various documents with your personal touches. This process also keeps employees on track with automated workflows and helps save time. The final documents will be impressive and contain all of the necessary information you need with little to no errors.

Document Automation Features

You need to make sure that document automation software from Braden Business Systems can accomplish all of the tasks you need it to. Some of the features document automation includes are:

  • Centralized document management creates consistency
  • Automated document creation such as employment contracts, legal documents, estate planning documents, and tax forms
  • Forms on document templates can streamline the form-filling process
  • Workflow management helps keep everyone on track, and collaboration is much easier
  • Document automation reduces the number of potential errors
  • Document generation for batch jobs can create several new documents at one time

Which Types of Businesses Benefit the Most from Document automation?

At Braden Business Systems, we’ve helped a variety of businesses get their paperwork on track. Some of the most common businesses we work with that would benefit the most from document automation software are:

  • Law firms for legal documents
  • Insurance companies
  • Mortgage and title companies
  • Tax and financial consultants for tax and income forms
  • Sales teams for proposals and contracts
  • Supply chain management for ticket tracking

Grow Your Business With Braden Business Systems Today

When your staff uses less time making documents, they can focus their efforts on other goals. Your sales team that struggles to complete paperwork will love document automation systems because they’ll take time away from creating documents, so they have more time to sell. You’ll be surprised at how much more productive your staff can be when you implement document automation software in your workplace. Contact Braden Business Systems today to see how document automation software can improve your team’s productivity too.

Managed Print Services

The goal of MPS is simple—gain visibility and control of your printing, which helps save you money and boosts productivity. Managed Print Services also improves environmental sustainability and document security. It’s the winning solution for any business that wants to cut costs and spend more time on mission-critical tasks.

Software Solutions

You need the right tools to automate your paper and printing processes. That’s why we offer the industry’s best software solutions to automate your labor-intensive workflows. Our MPS and Document Management solutions make it easy to create, share and archive information. We also offer vertical and industry-specific solutions to meet every client’s individual needs.

Security Solutions

Protecting your business starts with protecting your information. Security threats are everywhere, and your data and documents are always vulnerable—until you secure them. At Braden, we take document security seriously. We can secure all of your information, allowing you to control who can access, edit and even print business documents.

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